In the world of hair color trends How is the result of Balayage Palm Painting different?
Wie unterscheidet sich das Ergebnis der Palm Painting von Balayage? Unlike Balayage, the color is applied freehand and does not follow any structure. This avoids sharp lines that you see when using highlights. This technique allows for a much more natural sun-kissed finish.

Palm Painting hair – a trend, so many benefits …

Das neue Trend Palm Painting Haare - Balayage Blond

1. Healthy hair
Traditional film technique weakens the hair follicles as it speeds up the process, which gives you a much lighter color. In hand painting, the color is applied directly to the hair and the hair therefore takes on the organic color.
2. Cost-effective
Since the color is not applied to the roots, you do not have to visit the salon so often to do a rework. The only reason you need to go back is to add color blemishes.
3. Natural look
In recent years, we have seen a transition from a hard dip-dye effect to a more gradual balayage effect. This technique is perfect for those who want a natural, dark look.
4. It is better for medium to long hair
Although they can lighten any hair color (it is not necessarily reserved for blondes), this technique is suitable for medium to long hair. The reason … is that you can see and create more dimensions and flows. It is difficult to get the roots and the color mixture when the hair is short. They take length to really play around with notes.

Have you convinced yourself that the Palm Painting hairs are the new Balayage? Try one of the following looks today!

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Palm Painting Haare Blond
Palm Painting Haare Blond
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Palm Painting Haare Ideen

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