Apartment design fails without suitable furniture. You have a variety of different pieces of furniture with a unique design available: from small coffee tables or large wardrobes, over comfortable, soft sofas to home-made stools and bean bags. Everyone can buy finished furniture. You want to create a unique ambience? But how? You are probably looking for creative ideas? Then put on furniture made of pallets! Build your furniture yourself! Pallets give you the opportunity to customize your home or garden. Since pallets are a really advantageous building material, they can be used to build great furniture very easily. All you need is some creativity.

Furniture made of pallets: the cheap furniture!

Pallet furniture to every taste!

Homemade furniture has been in fashion for years. The DIY does not only make the residents a lot of fun to create creatively and to make individual pieces. DIY furniture saves a lot of money. Compared to the expensive designer pieces on the market, home-made furniture is significantly cheaper. Do-it-

Robust and high-quality pallets can be used to build really beautiful pallet furniture. Each palette has its unique patina, different fires, color patterns and textures to create the most beautiful works: furniture for in or outdoor. Whether a Euro pallet bed, a chic coffee table made of pallets, a

Building pallet furniture yourself is an easy task!

Pallets can be easily transformed into beautiful and functional pieces of furniture. Garden furniture made of pallets. Why not? Table on wheels for example? Table is the simplest pallet furniture. You can easily do that by looking at our DIY instructions. When building your own you need the following tools:



Pliers and possibly a cordless screwdriver to make the right piece to handle.

You still need:

a pallet;

some glue oil;

Paint or varnish;

4 rolls.

Turn the pallets over and bring in a few extra blocks!

Just get 3 old pallets and experiment with the blocks back and forth, until what is pretty.

Depending on your wishes, you can paint the pallet in color, as well as with a glass plate.

Here are some nice inspirations that you can look at.

Everyone can build a table from pallets themselves!

Table made of pallets could turn into a real eye-catcher!

Table on wheels looks nice, right?

If you want to build a

First saw two of the pallets for the side parts so that the larger serves as a side part! You should saw off a crossbar on both sides. Done is the side panel. Do not dispose of the rest. It becomes a super functional shelf of pallets.

For the seat, saw through a new pallet between the 3rd and 4th deck boards with the jigsaw! The part with the three cover boards is now used as a seat. Sand the three parts of the bench so that the paint can be better applied later.

Set up the two side panels. Make sure the side with the floorboard looks up.

Place the seat on the blocks of the second floorboard.

Place the fourth and last palette on the back and mark the cutouts with a pencil. Saw out these four squares. Attention: Do not saw too much and not too little.

Sand down the fourth part of the bank and place it behind the back of the bench and slide it into the three parts of the bench so that the pallet bank gets stability.

Provide the bench with three screws at the front and back, between the 2nd and 3rd deck boards, so that you drill into the block on the back or the seat.

Mark the bank!

How can you build a bank of pallets yourself?

Step 1: Materials

step 2

step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9

Step 10

Step 11

With the same instructions, you also build a

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