Of course, the children are looking forward most to the coming Easter, and in this post we have a wonderful proposal for you to surprise the little ones – paint together Easter eggs! Below, we’ve collected a few creative ideas and instructions specifically for you, from which you can draw inspiration. Because

Painting Easter eggs with children is really fun, and here we show you different ideas and techniques that you can use. Of course, you could color the Easter eggs as you do every year and show and explain everything to the little ones, but you might also like our suggestions. And some variety can not hurt, right? Our first idea is simple and easy to imitate – to paint the eggs with watercolors! Almost everyone has watercolors at home and that’s how amazing patterns can be created – with the right technique, of course. The water colors are usually also not harmful to health, compared to the felt pens, for example, which could penetrate the eggshell. First, you should put enough newspaper or a washable blanket on the table. Apart from the watercolors, you also need two brushes for painting – a wide one for larger surfaces, and a thin one, with which you can paint the finer strokes and motifs. Of course you should not forget the water cup. The water colors could be both from the box, as well as from the tube. If you choose the first option, it is important that you do not add too much water and the colors become too fluid. When painting, the brush should only be slightly damp. For the water colors from the tube, the colors are first placed on a tray and then taken up with the brush. In this case, you do not need a water cup, and the nuances are usually stronger. Choose nuances that create a spring mood and start painting!

Painting Easter eggs with children – make unique glittering eggs yourself

With your children, you could also make beautiful glittering Easter eggs yourself. For this purpose you need either glitter colors or glitter glue. The eggs can be colored differently in advance. We suggest you to try the following technique: wrap the egg in a large piece of cotton wool, which you have given different colors. Wait a while for the colors to be absorbed and remove the cotton wool. So you get a beautiful, spotty design. At the end, use glitter glue to draw the boundaries of the individual colors, and you’re done! At the end you have colorful eggs with glitter that just look great! Another great idea is to use the decoupage technique. In this case, all you need is glue and napkins with Easter motives – cute chicks, rabbits, flowers, etc. And if you’ve already decorated the eggs with them, you could draw the pretty patterns with a little glitter to make the effect even more intense. But there is also a lighter version: let the little ones paint on the monochrome Easter eggs with the glitter colors – the result would be unique! Finally, you could stick a cute bow on each egg to make it look even more beautiful. When painting the eggs you can also use other decorations – rhinestones, stickers, different fabrics, such as felt, lace, etc. Do not be afraid to experiment to find the variant that you and the kids like best!

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