Bodysuits are among the most important items of clothing for the child – especially in the first few months after birth. Almost every mother has in the closet a few monochrome rompers that look really boring. That’s why we show you how to paint and decorate baby bodysuits yourself. Just follow our ideas to see how easy it is! Even decorated bodysuits are also a wonderful gift idea for young mothers and their newborn or an impressive decoration for Baby body paint for your own child or as an original gift
Body bemalen witzig Brillen
Body bemalen als originelles Geschenk
Body bemalen Baby tolle Motive Segelboot Wolke
Body bemalenHasenmuster Freezer Papier
Body bemalen Baby originelle Motive geometrisch
Body bemalen Babys Ideen und Inspirationen
Body bemalen Panda origineller Look
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Body bemalen tolle Motive goldene Farbe
Baby Body Painting is fun and it will make your little sweetheart look amazing! With textile paint and funny templates, the embellishment goes very fast, and as already mentioned, we give you here some original DIY ideas, from which you can draw inspiration. For our first idea you need special monochrome textiles, as well as some monochrome baby bodysuits – best in white, and a pencil with an eraser. This makes it easy to make colorful dots on the garment. We recommend that you place a cardboard under the layer of fabric to be painted so that the paint can not penetrate. Another variation that you can try is a stencil of Freezer paper (an American product that can be found in the hobby shop or ordered online). Then iron the paper on the body and fill out the template with the desired textile paint. Allow the paint to dry completely before removing the paper completely. Already finished! You can use the Freezer paper to create various cute motifs – flowers, animals, labels, hearts, etc. – You can draw inspiration from our photos.

Baby bodysuit painting by hand or with the help of templates

Body bemalen inspirierende Ideen
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Body bemalen Mädchen Halskette
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Body bemalen Junge Segelboot
Body bemalen Baby Schablone freier Hand
Body bemalen Babys Zwillinge
Body bemalen Baby Textilmalstifte
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Body bemalen Schwalbe Zick Zack Muster
Another possibility – if you are talented for painting, is to draw the stencil yourself, or even to paint on the body with a free hand – so the result looks sometimes even more original, because it is visible that the ornaments are made themselves. If you draw stencils yourself or download and print them from the net (there are many free templates that are just perfect for you), you could use cardboard instead of freezer paper – but in this case you should stably fix the stencil on the garment so that it can not move – eg with the help of some adhesive tape. So you can make beautiful motives with tape. You could, for example, with a few pieces of tape great zigzag pattern on the body and paint in between with textile paint. This makes it easy to create all sorts of geometric patterns, and the result looks really impressive.

Paint baby bodysuits – foolproof ideas to imitate

Body bemalen Motivvorlage Herzmuster
Body bemalen Herzenmuster Punkte toller Look
Body bemalen interessante geometrische Muster
Body bemalen Herzmuster
Body bemalen Mädchen Herzmuster
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Body bemalen originelle Ideen und Anleitungen
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Baby Body painting is also possible by placing a coloring sheet under the fabric and repainting it. Such templates can be downloaded for free from the net or found in the hobby shop. But do not choose too complicated motifs with many details that will not be visible under the fabric. The simpler the better – eg a sailboat for the boys or a big heart for the girls are a great choice. Especially delicate and just perfect for babies are the lace patterns. To create these, you could use eg decorative doilies. With two small blankets, for example, you can make a beautiful collar (look at the picture above). The decorative doilies are placed on the neck of the garment like a collar, and you simply paint on it with black textile paint. As you can convince yourself, the result looks very realistic. To make the baby bodysuit look really impressive, you could also decorate them with glitter, fabric scraps, beads, cute bows and other decorations. We hope that you will be inspired by our ideas to decorate a body for your own child or as a gift imaginative!

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