Summer is already here and the preparations for the beach have already begun! Swimsuit is bought, the new hair styling is done, what is missing? Paint the toenails and put on sandals! The nail polishes are as fashionable as our outfits and depend most on the season. Colors and patterns, but also textures change – in the summer we enjoy lively colors, in the winter it gets darker, covered and golden. On which nail polish trends you can look forward to summer 2017, we tell you here!

Beautiful toenails in summer: what should we know?

Many believe that everything is done with painting. Totally wrong! Especially with the toenails the preparation is just as important as the nail design! Our tip for beautiful nails on the beach – first enjoy your feet with an extensive foot bath. This will soften the nail and cornea. A foot bath full of two liters of warm milk and a teaspoon of almond oil facilitates later varnishing. After bathing especially the otherwise so stubborn cuticle is soft and can be easily removed. Only then can you start painting. But be careful! The hand trembles, and so the foot slips off: Do not worry, toe separators can make painting the toenails a lot easier. The elastic helper can be easily clamped between the toes and prevents minor to moderate (color) Malheure. Now immerse yourself in the colorful world of nail design, get ideas from our image gallery and let your creativity run wild!

Paint toenails – So many possibilities, so little space!

These nail paints make you look great!

The more and more colorful the toenails are painted, the happier the summer!

Also on the toenails you can create an ombré effect

Painting with sea effect: Here’s how:

Stones always look beautiful on the beach

Choose pastel colors for the summer

Chrome nails are top trend for summer 2017

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