In addition to the living room and bedroom, the kitchen is the place where you spend most of your time, so it should look modern, neat and cozy. And because it’s the colors that create a certain atmosphere in every room, here’s some great Paint kitchen – ideas for a cozy color scheme
Küche streichen Sonnengelb gemütlich
Küche streichen Rückwand Rosarot
Küche streichen Fuchsia Rückwand originell
Küche streichen knalliges Orange Lampen Metall
Küche streichen Neongrün weisse Möbel
Küche streichen Neongelb origineller Look
Küche streichen kräftiges Rot
Küche streichen Pastellgrün Fuchsia Weiss
Küche streichen dunkles Orange originell
Küche streichen Weiss Akzentfarbe Rot
Küche streichen Sonnengelb Landhausstil
Küche streichen Essbereich dunkelgelb stilvoll
Küche streichen Dunkelorange Weiss
Küche streichen Rot gesättigt
Küche streichen Ziegelrot gesättigt
The successful color design can turn the kitchen into a very attractive place – take a look at our photos to see for yourself! But if you want to paint the kitchen, sometimes it’s really hard to find the best color – the possibilities are really enormous! In this post we give you some useful tips and ideas to make your selection easier. First, think about what kind of atmosphere you want in the kitchen. If your goal is cosiness, maybe sun yellow, as well as the other warm colors like red and orange, are a perfect choice for you! Sunshine yellow is an optimistic color that is spontaneously associated with warmth, joy and coziness. It’s just perfect for smaller kitchens because it makes each room bigger and brighter. The bright sun and the soft pastel yellow are especially easy to combine with neutral tones and are an ideal match for wooden furniture and floors. The same applies to the other warm colors. If you choose strong red and orange in the kitchen, you should use them sparingly – too strong and intense shades can quickly make you indifferent. A much better solution in this case are the pastel red and orange nuances that can create the warm and inviting atmosphere you are after.

Deleting a kitchen – neutral and pastel colors are in vogue

Küche streichen Pastellgrün Weiss
Küche streichen Pastellgelb gemütlich
Küche streichen Hellgelb Holz
Küche streichen pastelliges Blau
Küche streichen Hellbeige modern gemütlich
Küche streichen Beige gemütlich
Küche streichen Perlengrau Weiss
Küche streichen Grau Pastellgrün
Küche streichen neutral Grau gelbe Stühle
Küche streichen pastelliges Grün zart
Küche streichen Pastellfarben bunt fröhlich
Küche streichen Cremefarbe modern
Neutral shades such as white, beige, gray, cream and terakkota are typical of the modern minimalist style that is widely used in the kitchen today. The neutral painted walls provide the perfect backdrop for eye-catching modern kitchen furniture and appliances with high-gloss finishes. The combinations of white and other neutral colors such as pearl gray look truly harmonious and balanced. However, if you are worried that the whitewashed kitchen may seem too bald and impersonal, you can add colorful touches – colorful pillows, towels, pictures and photos, hung on the walls, flower pots and other decorations will make the room an original and cheerful one Give look. In addition to the neutral colors, the pastel shades are also very modern and can create a very pleasant ambience in the kitchen. Pastel shades look delicate, subtle and fresh – that’s why they are a great choice literally for all living spaces. In the kitchen, you can choose two pastel nuances that harmonize with each other, such as orange and green, blue and yellow – the result will certainly look great. In addition, pastel shades are a great choice for any interior design style – from modern minimalist to romantic vintage or cozy country house style.

Deleting a kitchen: is it possible to use dark tones?

Küche streichen Senfgelb Vintage Look
Küche streichen Lindgrün
Küche streichen Dunkelviolett
Küche streichen Dunkelgrün frisch stilvoll
Küche streichen Akzentfarbe Aubergine
Küche streichen Weiss Dunkelgrün
Küche streichen zwei blaue Nuancen originell
Darker tones are also used in the kitchen, because you can look really stylish – see our photos for examples. Dark blue, green, violet, aubergine and even anthracite color are a good choice for lighter kitchen furniture and blend well with the glossy metal or plastic surface of the appliances and the rest of the kitchen utensils. The back of the kitchen wall is often painted dark, so that any stains are more difficult to see (tiles or glass, however, remain the best option for splash protection in the kitchen). However, the same rule applies to the dark colors as to the glaring nuances: “Do not exaggerate!” You can design an accent wall or just paint some dark color accents, for example, the whole kitchen in anthracite color, but this is not a good idea – this is the interior too dull and depressing effect.

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