Paint ceramic? Why not? Would you like to give your loved one something unique? Then try painting your own pottery to make beautiful personalized gifts. We’ll show you how you could easily make such things. Create something beautiful by decorating the old ceramic dishes. Whether for a very personal gift or as an individual, unique decorative element, every painted ceramic is a beautiful unique piece!

Painting ceramic is a lot of fun!

Painting a ceramic is a great way to surprise your family and friends with creativity. This article will show you how to quickly and easily paint your own ceramic. Take on this challenge! Do not be afraid if you do not have previous knowledge. It is just as suitable for beginners and professionals. Adults or children, alone or in a group – that does not matter, because ceramic painting is an exciting experience.

Create your own unique piece!

Painted ceramics are fun because they are based on individual characteristics and appear in very different forms. Old crockery turns into something unmistakable. One can easily find the favorite ceramic for self-painting. Depending on your taste, you can use ceramic plates, pots and cups; Paint cups or bowl.

Painted ceramic as a decoration for the wall!

What do you need to paint ceramic? We hope that the following short guide will be of use to you.

Paint the ceramic plate yourself! Read the painting instructions below before you start painting:

  1. First, plan your art well! So make a draft on a piece of paper! Choose the colors!
  2. Carefully clean the surface with a lint-free cloth!
  3. Then let the ceramic dry well, as you can only label or paint a clean non-greasy surface!
  4. Draw the desired motive or add help lines! For the preliminary drawing you need in principle special pens. However, you can just use a pencil.
  5. Paint the ceramic with a brush: Dab the paint gently with the sponge or take the brush. Do not forget that multi-colored motifs need more time for drying.
  6. Depending on your wishes, you can combine stencil and freehand technique!
  7. If you choose a color that dries at 160 to 180 in the oven, then burn your ceramic color in your own oven! But if you want to use ceramic colors that combine with the glaze, then let your self-painted dishes burn in the art shop!
  8. Instead of burning the paint in the oven, you can let it air dry.
  9. You already have your favorite piece in front of you!

With this hand technique but some important details are to be considered. Colors become transparent after firing. Therefore, make the background as bright as possible. For the background, the colors should be very diluted with water. After that, you can paint on it with darker colors.

Are you ready to paint ceramic? But you have no idea what motive on the ceramic implement? Then have a look at our other creative DIY ideas for self-painted ceramics! Have fun with the painting!

Creative drawing on ceramics!

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