Just imagine: after the long, exhausting working day you can let your mind wander! Such a real relaxation! There is no better place than in your own Jacuzzi! In the summer with a cold glass of wine and in winter – in your own bathroom at home. The fulfillment of this dream is completely possible. If you are enthusiastic about soothing whirlpools, then you should pay attention to a few points in order to design your private wellness oasis in a functional and aesthetic way. We have put together the most important tips and ideas for you. Would you like to take a look?

Whirlpool – exciting, soothing and what else?

A whirlpool has not only a soothing and relaxing effect on body and soul, but also helps with many health problems. It brings relief in cardiovascular diseases and back pain. The special water jets and additional equipment contribute to the medical effect. Some models are made with aromatherapy, color light therapy or sound therapy. Whirpools are available today in a variety of forms and for numerous applications. Whether for an indoor, outdoor whirlpool or a whirlpool bath, depends on the personal needs and the space quota. On www.optirelax.de you will find, for example, a wide range, as well as professional individual advice. Some tips for choosing the indoor or outdoor whirlpool can also be found here. Just keep reading!

Indoor whirlpools – the right relaxation in your own bathroom

With an indoor whirlpool in your own bathroom, you no longer need to visit a 5-star hotel. Design a bathroom in your bathroom, where the whirlpool is the highlight. In addition, you create a steam shower and sauna and your bath will really be a treat for the soul. You may think that you do not have to do without so much space and small budget completely on Whirlpool. But! Indoor jacuzzis are available in a variety of forms, which can be selected according to their own premises. If you are a garden owner, it would be much more convenient to build your own wellness oasis outside.

Whirlpool in your own garden: Create your own outdoor wellness area!

Also in the garden there is enough space to install a whirlpool. Do you know that you can use the heated spa even on colder days? Fantastic! A combination of jacuzzi and sauna in your own garden turns your outdoor area into a fantastic wellness oasis. Whether day or night, whether in winter or summer time, the whirlpool is a long-term investment that you will enjoy at any time. That’s why you only choose outdoor hot tubs designed specifically for year-round operation. So that your own wellness oasis brings you long time pleasure, have a look at our helpful tips before you buy!

What should be considered when buying a whirlpool?

If you have already decided whether you prefer an indoor or outdoor hot tub, you should consider a few points when buying and choosing the model.

  1. In the first place, of course, is the quality. Here you should not pay attention to the luxury extras, but the equipment and especially the insulation and cover of the whirlpool. Why is isolation so important? Since you use your spa year round and multiple times, even at low temperatures, it must also be energy efficient and cost-effective!
  2. Second – one of the most important component is the performance. Combined with energy efficiency, your spa will be the best choice!
  3. Modern design is not to be underestimated, as well as the modern spa facilities and extensive massage functions. A feel-good zone at home can increase the quality of life.
  4. Last but not least the most important tip – let stress out the door and enjoy bubbles!

Treat yourself to a little time-out with wellness at home!

After that, your battery will be recharged and you will have enough momentum for new challenges of everyday life! We wish you many soothing and relaxing moments of pleasure in your own whirlpool!

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