If you want to bring a fresh touch to your own four walls, you can renew the wall design. But conventional wallcovering is too boring for you? Choose authentic, original murals that can give each room a unique and stylish atmosphere.

Wall painting for a unique atmosphere in every room

Wall painting is now very much in vogue, and this can turn the walls into a beautiful accent in the interior. If you have the talent to paint, you can even deal with the mural yourself. It’s a lot easier than it looks – you do not need anything more than matching colors that do not dissipate, and your own imagination. If you are afraid of doing something wrong, you can use special templates. They can be found in every shop and would make your work much easier.

Choose suitable colors

Before you begin with the wall painting, do not forget to clean the walls in advance – you can use an old bath sponge and water. This is of particular importance so that you can apply the colors optimally. Of course, the color scheme should harmonize with the furnishing style of the room. For example, you can opt for bright wall colors if the decor is simpler and more neutral. If you feel insecure, get advice from an interior designer.

Wall painting ideas and designs

But if the wall painting is done professionally, the effect can be truly unique. An unusual and currently very popular variant is the use of water colors. The delicate blue nuances, combined with white or even purple, can turn any room into an oasis of calm. Wall painting in old rose or ultramarine is also breathtaking – colors that are even today particularly modern.

Application of canvas

An interesting alternative to the classic wall painting with paint directly on the wall is the use of canvas. It is carefully attached to the wall and in this way it is possible to change the design super easy – it is just like the wallpaper.

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