Would you like to bring an exotic touch into your own four walls in the new year? In this post we show you a few original deco ideas with lamps in Morocco style, in which you would fall in love! At the same time fancy and gorgeous, oriental lamps in your bedroom or living room would draw everyone’s attention. Take a look at our ideas and get inspired! We hope you enjoy reading!

Oriental lamp bring an exotic flair in your own home

Oriental lamps impress with an exotic and stylish look, and combine with the modern decor incredibly well. This can be used to set interesting accents in the interior, even if it is not entirely in the Arab style decided – the photos in this article are an excellent example of this. In addition, oriental lamps are currently in demand as decoration and could create a whole new atmosphere in any room because they give the feeling of luxury and comfort that is so typical of the Moroccan style. And as already said, it is not necessary to change the interior to get the desired effect – the massive light bodies with shiny metal surfaces and beautiful ornaments can be perfectly combined with the simple elegance of modern furniture. There are also many models to choose from – from gorgeous chandeliers and original silver floor lamps to traditional Moroccan henna lamps. Below we give you some interesting decoration ideas for the indoor and outdoor area, from which you can draw inspiration for your own home. Continue reading!

Light bodies in oriental style add a special charm

The special charm of oriental lamps is that they create a warm, romantic and somewhat mystical light through their many small openings and ornaments. This effect is particularly pronounced with the large metal hanging lamps, but it can also be seen in the floor lamps, which create magical patterns on the walls. The dim light does not only bring a flair of the Orient to your own living room or bedroom, but also ensures a particularly pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. And the lamps themselves look like real pieces of jewelry – how should you not fall in love with them?

Integrate Oriental lamps in the modern interior

The contemporary decor in neutral colors – for example, in Scandinavian, minimalist or industrial style still, provides a magnificent backdrop for the beauty of oriental lamps. These could either be an accent in the interior or with matching wallpaper, a cuddly-soft Persian carpet, colorful seat cushions or great pieces of furniture to combine with many ornaments in Morocco style. And what do you think of the idea of ​​creating a unique recreation corner entirely in Arabic style, where you can read interesting book or just relax after a hard day’s work? Let your imagination run wild and bring the oriental comfort home!

Moroccan henna lamps

Regardless of the material they are made of – metal, fabric or colored rattan, the lamps in Oriental style look rustic, vintage and also very romantic. This is also true for the traditional Moroccan henna lamps. They are originally made of metal scaffolding covered with goat leather, which is adorned with fanciful henna. The henna lamp can be placed on the floor or coffee table, and can give any room an individual, unique touch. The oriental lanterns made of glass or metal also ensure a warm and cozy atmosphere, because they create inimitable, impressive play of light. The same applies to the large wall lamps with fine filigree patterns, which are not only intended as a light body, but also as an original wall decoration. You could even hang several lamps of different shapes and sizes at different heights to create a particularly impressive effect. Do not forget that with the beautiful light bodies you could also spice up the outside area – for example decorating the terrace or the way to the garden with great colored glass lanterns.

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