Oriental rugs are in great demand today for their high quality and aesthetic properties. An oriental carpet as an accent in the interior fascinates with its colors and patterns and looks simply beautiful – look at the 21 examples in this article to convince yourself!

Oriental rug can bring an exotic touch in every room

An oriental rug can bring an exotic flair in every room with its rich colors. These types of rugs are made only from high quality fabrics – such as natural cotton and silk, that’s why they are so precious – you may know from experience that an authentic Persian rug is not a cheap affair. As mentioned above, the Oriental rugs are of high quality and can last more than 20 years without losing their special charm. Their intricate and evocative patterns are made up of at least 10 different colors – for example burgundy, navy blue, black, orange, beige, gray. In principle, there are only one or two primary colors, which are underlined by neutral nuances.

Oriental rug is also part of the modern furnishings

An oriental rug can easily become a highlight in the room, as its magnificent ornaments immediately catch the eye. He can perfectly register, for example, in the modern Scandinavian institution, as the neutral tones bring out their beauty much better. Therefore, if you wish to purchase a cuddly Persian carpet for your living room or bedroom, you have two options – either to decorate the entire room in Oriental style, which is also an original, inventive design solution, or to add an original accent to the carpet to put in the puristic decor – so the room does not seem overloaded. The oriental rug will replace the colorful decorations and give the room more individuality. The photos in this post can give you some creative design ideas – use them as a source of inspiration and combine colors, shapes and materials of your choice to get a unique result. We wish you lots of fun and success!

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