“Order is half the life,” says a proverb. This saying should also apply in everyday working life, but often office and order are two terms that are not necessarily compatible. Usually there are unnecessary objects in the workplace, a colleague has pulled out the wrong folder and simply let it lie – situations that everyone knows and are perceived as unpleasant as the time-consuming tidying up as annoying “slowing down”. We have some easy-to-use tips and tricks for you on how to create more order in the office and increase team motivation in no time. Let yourself be inspired!

Order in the office leads to better ideas

The secret of efficient work is the tidy workplace. Contracts, documents and documents must be kept properly. Despite all digital storage options in the modern computer world, paper work in the office is still unavoidable. To create order at the desk, you first of all have to put the necessary value on the workplace setup. The desk is the “central” for all work, but the rest of the space you can practically use. Shelves on the walls are perfect as a shelf and are appropriate for every workstation.

Shelving systems help to systematically order

The office shelving systems offer plenty of space, as they often extend from floor to ceiling and are characterized by high stability. It is important with every shelving system that all documents are easily accessible and that one can remove and sort items without much effort. Depending on the individual needs and personal taste, the office shelving can be produced in various forms, with a plug-in or screw system. It depends on the amount of paper used in everyday office life. A professional advice on which shelving system is the right one for your workplace as well as a variety of high quality modern storage systems can be found on regalio-shop.de .

5 golden rule that you consider in daily working life

Imagine the order like a muscle. For the whole system to function more efficiently, the muscle must be trained regularly, with short, steady loads. We have prepared for you a checklist with the golden rules for order in the office. Go through the list every day to cope with the chaos in the office:

  • Use a personal and professional calendar – so you do not lose sight of an appointment.
  • Work with symbols, images and colors – a control system full of folders in different colors not only looks stylish, but also contributes to the organization of the office.
  • Folders have their proper place on the shelves – pull a diagonal line across all folder backs. If a folder protrudes from the row, the line is interrupted.
  • Create themed islands using the frame shelves – letters, directories, books, etc.
  • Organize regularly an “Office-Clearing Day”

A well-organized workplace has a positive impact on the career and the working environment

With more order in the office and a proper organization in the workplace, the daily work is not only easier, but also much more fun. We hope that our tips have helped you win the daily fight against chaos in the office.

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