Have you ever seen the movie “PS I love you” with Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank – it depicts the story of a man who leaves letters for his wife to open after his death. It’s all about “open me if” letters that have become increasingly popular lately. The reason – so you can make a very special surprise of a favorite person – the parents, a friend or a girlfriend and why not the beloved for Valentine’s” day> ? The idea is just perfect if you can not spend a lot of time with this person right now, or live apart from each other. Especially with long-distance relationships such a gift would be appreciated. Because with every letter you say: “I love you, I think of you, I miss you …”. Did you like the idea already? If so, see our suggestions below and draw inspiration to make your favorite human an unforgettable surprise!

Open me when letters – personal gift for a special person

When I open my letters, it’s actually about many small letters that you write to a favorite person. These can be wrapped up as a gift and given to a loved one for a birthday, for another festive occasion or without any reason. However, these must not be opened immediately – on the envelope you write a certain situation in which the recipient may read the specific letter. So the letters would help your loved one even in difficult times when you can not be with him / her. The classic letters are not the only choice – you can put small things in every envelope – such as sweets, money, a voucher, little notes with inspirational quotes, shared photos, even an exciting book in thumbnail format. Actually, there are so many different ways open to me when writing letters myself, and below we give you some creative ideas and suggestions that you could use as a role model. Let yourself be inspired!

Open me when letters make themselves: How are you?

The exact number of letters depends only on you, but it would be nice if they are at least 10. A thematic design for the envelopes you should also select or design yourself, and of course also original lettering – preferably with “wennffne if …” and a brief description of the situation. Beautiful letterheads can be found in the hobby shop, order online or even easily fold yourself – eg from wrapping paper. The finished letters should also be original packaging – it would be very nice if you find a suitable gift box for where your favorite person can keep them for a long time as a beautiful memory. Another great idea is to separate the first and the last letter from the rest. For example, in the first letter you can briefly explain why you have chosen such a gift and also point out the rules that the person should keep when opening the letters. These are four:

  1. Do not open more than 1 or 2 letters a week!
  2. Open only if the situation is correct!
  3. No looking in the letters!
  4. Do not throw away the letters – I would be glad if you kept them as a reminder.

On the envelope of the first letter, you can simply write “Read me now!”. And with the last letter you can remind the person once again how much you love them. If you write a real letter in which you express all your feelings – so the gift would simply be fascinating! The last letter can be labeled as “open me, if you have already read all other letters” or “open me last”.

Open me when letters: topics, situations and ideas

If you would like to open letters for me, there are a huge variety of topics to choose from: eg “10 reasons why I love you / why you are the best mother / sister / best brother / father in the world are “; “Our 7 Best Moments Together,” etc. Below are examples of other topics and situations that you might like. Against each example, you will also find an idea for the possible content of the letters.

Open me if …

  • you want to relax – a CD with your favorite music
  • you miss me – a small piece of paper or fabric with your lip print / favorite perfume
  • you feel sick – teabags of favorite tea and vitamin C tablets
  • you are nervous – a small piece of bubble wrap; Anti” stress ball>
  • you want to buy something that is too expensive – a bill
  • you are happy – a bag of confetti
  • you feel lonely or sad – a note with slogans encouraging or motivating quotes; a chocolate praline
  • you’re bored – homemade crosswords or pure sudoku
  • you want to reduce the stress – fragrant chopsticks or bath” salts>
  • your birthday is – a greeting card with congratulations and maybe a small gift
  • you forgot when my birthday is (or another important day) – a joint photo, with the date written on the back
  • you’re hungry – a bag of chips and sweets; Voucher for your favorite restaurant
  • it hurts you – a plaster
  • you want to smile – little notes with jokes you like
  • you miss the summer – voucher for solarium; Photos from their last shared sea vacation
  • you feel tired – a packet of instant coffee or guarana powder
  • you’re forgetful – sticky notes
  • you want to read something good – a voucher for bookstore
  • you plan your vacation – a travel guide for your chosen destination
  • you have a date – love poem
  • you have heartache – a note with your mobile number
  • you are cold – hand warmer

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