Who can not remember the open fireplaces in the old movie classics? So much warmth and romance at home! Have a cup of tea by the fire or read an interesting book! Maybe you sometimes dreamed of it? Romantic atmosphere in your apartment too? You can easily do that! Open fireplaces are up to date even today. But are they a sensible idea for the interior design or not? You decide that after you read the article to the end!

Open fireplaces – classic among the fireplace models

Advantages of open fireplaces:

They are among the classics among the fireplaces.

They offer fire in its most natural and original form.

Today’s open fireplaces are so inspiring and creative that diverse designs are available. Their modern and unique design leaves hardly anyone cold and indifferent.

Create stylish interior design with modern open fireplaces!

What do you have to pay attention to:

The open fireplace needs a lot of wood. Its efficiency and emission characteristics are significantly lower than those of a much more efficient fireplace stove, as it emits only 20 percent of the energy consumed as radiant heat. In contrast, modern stoves come to just under 90 percent.

As a continuous heating the open fireplace is not suitable because too much heat is lost unused. Therefore, it is recommended that only occasionally the open fireplace in operation.

Good to know is the following: open fireplaces heat unclean. He removes a lot of oxygen via his non-closable fire opening. You also always have to provide sufficient outside air, as open fireplaces need too much combustion air.

For open fireplaces, only the types of wood are suitable without large amounts of resin.

Fascinating design!

You have already read the advantages and disadvantages of open fireplaces. Yes, we know that the negative qualities are too much. But that does not mean that you should never design your apartment with open fireplaces. But! With great care you can create chic interior exactly with cool open fireplaces. Do not you believe? Then take a look at our suggestions for modern open fireplaces!

Charming addition to the home design!

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