For a long time, the Ombre hair is not only associated with a dark hairline and blond tips. The

Ombre Brown is the perfect choice for dark haired ladies, with a blond undertone, your hairstyle is also a real eye-catcher. What is characteristic of this hair trend? Normally, the hair will remain in the natural hair color or be colored in a darker shade, while the hair tips are made in a lighter shade of brown, creating a great color gradient. The closer the two nuances are to each other, the smoother this process will be – in this case it’s called Sombre (ie Soft Ombre) Look. With extremely long hair, even three brown Nunacen can be used – so the result is even more eye-catching and attractive.

Ombre Braun: The new hairstyle trend you should try!

What are the advantages of the Ombre Brown trend? In the first place, Ombre brown hair is just perfect for ladies with darker skin types who just do not like blondes. With a hairstyle in Ombre brown you would get a great “sun kissed” look – take a look at the photos to see for yourself. In addition, the brown shades are awesome – there are suitable variants for every hair and skin type! And, as already mentioned, there are other options for the ladies who love experiments – for example, the reverse ombre, in which the tips are darker than the hairline.

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