Hair kissed by the sun – with the new hair trend you can literally understand it. Balayage” ombre sombre contuiring what is behind these color techniques and how does the blond braun last so long on market remains an absolute trend to this day everything about ombr hair revealed in post be inspired by many stunning combinations>

Ombre Blonde Brown – How does the hair trend work?

With the first rays of sun comes the desire for change and the desire to beautify the hair with light strands. The boring blond strands were yesterday, today the blond highlights in brown hair are announced. This is called ombre blond brown look and is top trend for several years. The Ombré look suits every hair color, but of course it looks great with brunettes. It is a transition from dark to light hair, with the light shade distributed from the ears to the tips. Ombre Blonde Brown – effect looks like the tips of your hair are faded by the sun. Combined with a hairstyle with romantic waves you will have all eyes on you!

Ombre Blonde Brown – Which color is best for brown hair?

As we said before, the Ombré look suits every brunette, with which blonde looks the best the staining technique will most depend on your skin type. Women with a lighter complexion stand for the platinum blonde, for the women with a darker skin are very good dark-blonde tips. That’s the difference between balayage and ombre look. In the Bayalage color technique, not the entire lower hair is dyed, but only individual highlights.

Ombre hair needs extra care

The blond tips can be very strained in most cases. That’s why they need extra care. Use a hair cure at least once a week and have the tips regularly chopped. A special mask protects the hair from breaking off.

Be inspired by the stunning hairstyles!

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