They are among the oldest foods in the world. In the Mediterranean kitchen they are much appreciated. Often you can find them on the pizza, in the salad, as well as in tapas. As ingredients in fish dishes and stews they are also perfect. They are oblong or round, black or green, big or small. Yes, that’s right, it’s about olives. All of us taste olives really well. They are also very healthy. We often resort to the tasteful olives, but we do not think of their advantages at all. Now comes the question: What is actually in it? Why olives are healthy and what nutrients they contain? Why are they said to have many positive effects on our health? Find out more about olives in this article. There is a super light recipe for vegan tapenade available.

Why are olives healthy?

Olives – History at a glance

Olives are the extremely healthy fruits of the olive tree, which the Greeks called “holy tree of the goddess Athena”. They have been cultivated since the Bronze Age. Olives were eaten more than 9000 years ago. Today, the olive tree is still appreciated by making tea from its leaves. Olive varieties are distinguished in shape, size, taste and color. Manzanilla, Kalamata, Throuba Thassou … olives appear in a rich variety of varieties. In terms of color, green and black olives are present. While the green olives are harvested earlier, the black fruits are fully mature. This means that the difference between green and black olives lies in the degree of ripeness. Green olives are characterized by their fruity, sour-spicy taste. Your black sisters, on the other hand, taste hearty and a bit bitter.

Olives – the universal remedy!

Olives on the pizza always taste good!

Olives – nutritional values

Olives contain little carbohydrates: just 3 grams per 100 grams for the green olives and 4.9 grams for the black ones. The fatty acids contained therein are among the healthy unsaturated fatty acids. You know that per 100 grams of black olives contain up to 45 grams of fat, while the green fruits have only 13.5 grams. As a rule, olives are low in calories. But be careful that the calorie content increases when you put it in oil. That means: 130 kilocalories (green olives) against 350 kilocalories (black olives). Olives are very rich in vitamins (vitamins A and E), minerals and trace elements.

Olives healthy: nutritional values

Chocolate cake with olives!

Health-promoting properties of olives:

Olives lower cholesterol and high blood pressure, protect the heart and prevent arteriosclerosis. Olives are also used in natural cosmetics, as well as used for beauty care. In addition, the olives stimulate the metabolism and relieve bloating and intestinal inflammation. They protect and beautify skin and hair. For example, the Olive Cream gives you a more beautiful and shiny skin, as it moisturizes the dry skin and reduces wrinkles. With simple tricks you could properly care for your hair, with the healing edible oil. First, massage a few teaspoons of cooking oil into your hair and scalp! Then let it work for about 2 hours! Finally, rinse thoroughly! With this simple hair condition, split ends are easily removed and the scalp is freed from the unpleasant dandruff. No wonder that olives are valued as a popular cosmetic.

Olive pastes are easy to prepare!

Recipe for vegan tapenade!

The tapenade is one of the most popular olive pastes. This delicious delicacy comes from the southern French cuisine and serves as a perfect accompaniment to bread, pasta and grilled. For the preparation of the tapenade you need the following ingredients:

150 grams of black olives;

1 clove of garlic;

1 small chilli pepper;

1 tsp capers;

50 ml of olive oil;

0.5 tsp untreated lemon peel;



First, add the olives, chilli, capers and garlic clove to a large mortar! Depending on your wishes, you can also use a mixer!

Then pound all ingredients to a fine paste!

Add olive oil!

Finally, add the grated lemon peel and spices!

Ready is the tasty tapenade! Let it taste!

How to make vegan tapenade?

With olives you can also make drinks and sweets. Chocolate pralines, chocolate pies and chocolate cake with olives taste so good that you could not resist this seduction.

That’s why olives are healthy!

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