As you already know, Russian dolls enjoy great popularity worldwide. In their homeland they have a long tradition and in other countries they have many followers who admire the sg Matroschkas.

Detailed Russian dolls

The famous matryoshka can be found in many charming designs, all of which are of course handcrafted and carefully painted. The juxtaposed Russian dolls are one of the children’s favorite toys worldwide, made of wood. They are also very suitable for individual gift and are among the most famous souvenirs that you can bring from Russia at all. Of course, the Russian dolls can also serve as decoration for the home, depending on the personal taste. You can find Matryoshkas in all sizes and in different sets thanks to the creativity of the painters, who are so gifted and always enjoy their followers with news.

Create your own collection

If you admire the beauty and uniqueness of the matryoshka, then you are welcome to create your own collection of these beautiful dolls and beautify your home. Russian dolls are both a popular souvenir and a famous collector’s item for lovers. Of course, these are also creative decoration. It’s hard to decide when choosing which set to choose because of the great variety. In this way, the matryoshka family is spreading more and more.

Create your own matryoshka yourself

If you feel like designing your own matryoshka, there are a number of options and they are basically very simple. There are not only completely painted Russian dolls, but also unpainted ones. You can always buy such an unpainted doll and give free rein to your creativity.

Matryoshka in different variants

The matryoshka is not only available in the familiar form of many mothers, but also in the form of Disney characters, little dwarfs, earrings or key chains. For some people, the famous dolls are something of a lucky charm. In this way, you always have them with you and you can always enjoy, even unprepared, the favorite people.

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