Oktoberfest comes in less than two months and you want to make a playful hairstyle that will attract everyone’s attention? Then you are right here! In this article, we offer you some ideas and simple instructions for impressive Oktoberfest hairstyles that are super easy to copy. We hope that you like our suggestions and wish you a wonderful party!

Hairstyles with hairband for the Oktoberfest

Our first idea is for a super light, twisted hairdo with hairband that lasts for less than 5 minutes. If most braids appear too complicated for you, they should definitely try this variation! Comb your hair well and pull a middle or side parting. Next you should pull the hairband (it goes with a flower wreath) over your head so that it ends just above the hairline. Take a strand from the front part of the hair, twist it, and put it around the hairband once. Then take a new strand and repeat the same process until you arrive at the back of the head. Do the same with the hair on the other side of the head and you’re done! Fix the hanging strands with hairpins and sprinkle the hairstyle with some hair-saving to keep it longer.

Oktoberfest hairstyles – great ideas for re-styling

If you have long or medium length hair, you could also make a pretty braided hairstyle hairstyle. Lightly tease your hair with the hairbrush to make it look voluminous, comb it backwards and pull the hair band over your head. Divide the hair into two equal parts and start weaving a herringbone braid. This is done by first taking a thin strand from the outside on the right side and placing it on the other part of the hair. Repeat the same process on the left side and tighten so that the braid does not become loose. Braid the herringbone braid and fix with a transparent hair tie. Finished!

Oktoberfest hairstyles for medium-length hair – simple Grentchenzopf

The Gretchenzopf is certainly one of the most beautiful traditional Oktoberfest hairstyles, but you worry that your shoulder-length hair is not suitable for it? We offer a super simple version of this hairstyle that is just perfect for medium length hair! First divide your hair into two equal parts and braid them both normally. Then fold the braids upwards and attach them to the front head with hair clips so that their ends are no longer visible. The hairstyle can be rounded off by a beautiful flower wreath.

Semi-Open Dirndl Hairstyles – Waterfall Braid

A half-open braided hairstyle that looks particularly playful and romantic, and is suitable for different hair lengths, is the waterfall braid. It’s a bit harder to braid and requires a bit of experience and skill, but it certainly pays off. Take three thin strands of the top coat, and begin to braid by placing the right strand over the middle, and then – the left over the middle. Continue to braid by adding some hair to the right strand. But instead of repeating the same process on the left side, you should simply drop the strand and choose a new, equal “replacement strand” from below. Repeat the steps until they reach the back of the head and fix the end with a small, transparent hair tie. If desired, you can also braid the other side of the head in the same way.

Oktoberfest hairstyles – high-set hair

If you want a great updo for Oktoberfest, our next suggestion is just for you! The first step is to braid a Dutch braid. For this you should comb your hair backwards and pick up three equally sized strands from the forehead. Start with braiding by placing the right strand under the middle, and then – the left under the middle one. Repeat this twice and add some hair to the outer strands each time. Braid the braid to the end and wrap it into a loose bun. Fix the hairstyle with hairpins and spray. Finished!

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