Ohana Tattoo stands for family, love and friendship

Ohana Tattoo Stitch Hibiskus Blume
Ohana Tattoo hawaiianisch origineller Look
Ohana Tattoo groß Rücken
Ohana Tattoo Herz Arm Frau
Ohana Tattoo Schrift Blumen dezent
Ohana Tattoo Feder Frau Unterarm
Ohana Tattoo Blumen herrlicher Look
Ohana Tattoo Pfeil Baumzweig
Ohana Tattoo originell Holz Mann
Ohana Tattoo Blumen Frau herrlicher Look
Ohana Tattoo Bedeutung Familie
In the Hawaiian language, “Ohana” really stands for family and symbolizes the love and strong relationship within the community. These values ​​play a very important role in the culture of the exotic island, where the population lives peacefully under the motto: “Everyone is important, nobody is forgotten”. The movie “Lilo and Stitch” has made the word “Ohana” popular throughout the world and nowadays the Ohana tattoos are especially popular with people who Ohana Tattoo – a motif from the Hawaiian culture
Ohana Tattoo hawaiianische Kultur
Ohana Tattoo Disney Lilo und Stitch
Ohana Tattoo originell Schildkröte
Ohana Tattoo Schlüsselbein Frau
Ohana Tattoo Oberarm Mann
Ohana Tattoo Unterarm Pfeil
In the Hawaiian language, the word for family was inspired by the edible plant Taro and its offshoots – they are also called Ohanas. Just as all parts play a specific role in the nutrition of the plant, so are all people important to life in the community because everyone has their “place” there. So, the word “ohana” is really profound. Since the simple lettering is stylish, but too simplistic, most people combine the Ohana Tattoo with other motifs. For example, the hibiscus flowers that are really beautiful and typical of the Hawaiian culture are preferred in this regard. The fans of the movie “Lilo and Stitch” could also get tattooed by motives inspired by the lettering. A good idea is, for example, the main character in the film – Stitch, an alien, who becomes the loyal companion of the little Hawaiian girl Lilo in the course of the film, and starts to appreciate friendship and family. You can try the trendy watercolor technique – so your Ohana Tattoo will look like a small piece of art!

Combine Ohana tattoos with other designs

Ohana Tattoo mit kleinem Hetz Schulter
Ohana Tattoo mit anderen Motiven kombinieren
Ohana Tattoo Fuß Rose
Ohana Tattoo Familie Fingerabdrücke
Ohana Tattoo Hibiskus Blume Fuß
Ohana Tattoo Schrift Eibisch Blumen
Ohana Tattoo Handgelenk blaue Blume
Ohana Tattoo Eibisch Blume Frau
Ohana Tattoo Feder klein Handgelenk
Ohana Tattoo Mann Anker
Ohana Tattoo Stitch Disney Film
Ohana Tattoo Anker Rose
Ohana Tattoo Figur Zeichentrickfilm Stitch
Ohana Tattoo Stitch Herzen
Ohana Tattoo klein dezent Bein
Ohana Tattoo Stitch Luftballons
Ohana Tattoo can really be combined with a variety of motifs – preferably those that have a really special, personal meaning for you. The design can be both more eye-catching and more subtle – depending on your personal preferences. You can combine the elegant lettering, for example, with a small heart and watercolor background, and choose a body spot that you hide when working with clothing. This version is just perfect for people who for professional reasons should not have too big and eye-catching tattoos. Whether colorful or black and white, unusual or subtle, with or without other motifs – ohana tattoos are a great idea for those who want a really special and profound tattoo motif!

Ohana Tattoo – romantic idea for couples

Ohana Tattoo Liebespaar Namen
Ohana Tattoo Paar Oberarm
Ohana Tattoo Unendlichkeitszeichen
Ohana Tattoo Wasserfarben Geschwister
If you really liked the idea for an Ohana Tattoo, you can convince your best friend / sibling to make the same motive come true. These types of tattoos are of course also a classic for lovers, newly engaged or married – as a promise of happy and long life together. The photos in this post are exciting examples of original Ohana tattoos for one or two people. We hope you find a great idea for yourself!

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