Are you thinking of saying goodbye to your long hair? Stop wasting your time to rethink the decision and get your hair cut. With one of our short hairstyles 2018, you become a true trendsetter. We will familiarize you with the tendencies in haircuts on the catwalks, just choose your favorite look and make an appointment with the hairdresser. From the undercut to the sidecut to the classic bob – we help you to find the perfect short haircut that is not only totally hip, but also fits your face perfectly.

Why should you choose one of the short hairstyles 2018?

Until recently, the long mane was the staging of femininity and the men’s hairstyles short and cheeky, a stamp of masculinity. Today, we reveal the mystery behind who the short hairstyles fit – women or men. The answer is simple – the short hairstyles 2018 are universal. More and more women make the decision to cut their mane short and they are perfectly right. The benefits of making such a decision pay off:

  1. The short hairstyles ladies are self-confident.
  2. The short hairstyles Undercut women have a rejuvenating effect.
  3. The short hairstyles Sidecut women are dynamic.
  4. The short hairstyles 2018 are versatile.
  5. The short hairstyles are always the perfect idea for a fresh start.

Enjoy the summer to the fullest with a new and


From a raspy short haircut to a chin-length hairstyle – the short hairstyles are totally hip. On the catwalks and magazine covers you can see many modern variations of short hairstyles Undercut, Sidecut, Pixie Bob etc. These haircuts for women are very variable and you can look stylish in everyday life, on the beach or on the catwalk individually and according to the occasion. Rocky or chic, romantic or cheeky –

All variations of haircut undercut women are a hit. Above all, the Pixie Cut is considered a true all-rounder. The short haircut fits perfectly not only to the jeans look, but also to the evening dress look. Blow dry the short hair with a round brush or leave it chaotic, any styling is beautiful and emphasizes your face. Unlike the long mane for the ideal hairstyle, you only need hair spray and hair mousse.


The motto of the year: Everything is allowed


Do not make short hairstyles yourself? Yes, everything is allowed this year, so if you’re brave, grab the scissors and cut your mane short. The fake Messy Cut is fully in fashion.

Frechte Kurzhaarfrisur – Buzz Cut

Until recently, the raspy short hair was a trademark of men, today they are also a sign of self-confident women. This brave short hairstyle is especially women with filigree facial features. The best part of this hairstyle is that it is very easy to style.

Mushroom is experiencing a comeback

The short-cut hairstyle cut to length was a symbol of the 60s and is now back in. To get your mushroom haircut trimmed up, you need a large round brush and hair gel. The cool hairstyles in the form of mushroom head fit with women with a square face shape.

A look into the past – the pageboy haircut

Do you miss the old pageboy haircut a new and modern coat with a fringed bangs, so give your look a scary note.

Cool Hairstyles – Hedgehog Head and Sidecut Women

The 2015 hairstyles are characterized by hedgehog head and sidecut. Nowadays you can see her again on the rotten carpet.

Take a look at our gallery of short hairstyles 2018, which are the latest craze in fashion, and collect great inspiration for the next visit to the hair salon.

You preferred the short hairstyles 2018!

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