Were you all good? Have you already hung your stockings by the fireplace and are you filling them? Nikolaus knocks on the door and we’ll see all that. But how do you create a festive Nikolaus mood? Boots and stockings are clear, but what else? Of course, with a beautiful Nicholas nail design! Beautiful gel nails are the best choice for St. Nicholas Day, as the gel varnish lasts up to 20 days and is also wearable for Christmas! Let yourself be inspired by our creative ideas!

Beautiful gel nails – which Nicholas motifs should we choose?

When talking about beautiful gel nails, they must match the evening dress or at least the style of clothing. As we said before, the gel varnish will last until Christmas, so remember the dress for Christmas party if you choose the nail design. St. Nicholas Day is always associated with gifts and boots. But there are so many motifs that can create festive mood. For Santa Claus are excellent red hats (look at the video tutorial), Santa Claus or Christmas table. You can paint a Christmas hat yourself as a French design on your nails.

The matching colors for Nicholas nails

It is not obligatory that your Santa Claus is nail design with patterns or with painted motives. If you use the matching colors, you will also bring a festive mood to your nails. Red and white are a must! For business women, the French design is very suitable or in white-colored nails with small Christmas motifs. If you are not a good painter, just use small stick-on stickers. Glitter looks very festive and fits perfectly with the evening dress for Santa Claus or Christmas party.

Nikolaus Nageldesign instructions

Step 1: Choose the right tips for your gel nails and wear a nail hardener as a base

Step 2: Paint the nails in red

Step 3: Paint a nail in white

Start with decoration as shown in the picture:

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