St. Nicholas’ Day is one of the most popular festivals – especially for the children, and in this post we propose you a creative way to celebrate, namely, to make a Santa Claus together! This will make especially toddlers very much fun and with the finished Nicholas figures you can beautify their home. The tinkering is very easy, with only a few materials – just look at our ideas to convince yourself! We hope you like the suggestions below, and wish you lots of fun with the imitation!

Nicholas tinker with toddlers – instructions and tips

Nikolaus basteln mit Kindern tolle Ideen
Nikolaus basteln Adventskalender
Nikolaus basteln aus Papier originelle Ideen
Nikolaus basteln aus Filz Verpackung kleines Geschenk
Nikolaus basteln Löffel dekorieren lustig
Nikolaus basteln mit Kindern malen
Nikolaus basteln mit Kindern Klopapierrolle und Filz
Nikolaus Basteln is a great way to bring a happy Christmas spirit to the apartment and to enjoy many happy moments with the children. You can use different materials, and there are a variety of creative ideas that you can realize together with the little ones – here we have collected only a few of them. Really easy, for example, to make a Santa Claus out of toilet paper roll. Santa Claus making paper plates
Nikolaus basteln lustig Pappteller
Nikolaus basteln Pappteller Wattebällchen
Nikolaus basteln mit Kindern Pappteller Anleitung
Nikolaus basteln aus Pappteller und Papierstreifen
Nikolaus basteln mit Kindern Pappteller Wackelaugen
A Santa Claus can be easily tinker with paper plates. The paper plate will represent the face, so you should first paint this in skin color and let dry well. Then cut “a cap” of red construction paper and glue it to the edge of the plate. Then paint on the paper plate eyes and nose (you could also use Wackelaugen if you want – so the Santa will look even funnier). The beard can be made from cotton balls or white paper that you have curled up around a pencil. Stick this “beard” on the bottom of the plate and you’re done! You could also try another variant: cut off the upper part of the papteller and paint the inside back in skin color. Cut a strip of white paper and two circles, halving one of them. Then cut a large triangle of red craft paper and stick the plate on it. On a top you stick the whole circle and under it – the white strip which will serve to a fur of a cap. Shape the face with wiggle eyes, a red pompom for the nose and the two semicircles as a mustache. The white outer edge of the plate will represent the edge. Finished!

Nikolaus crafts with icy stems and cotton wool

Nikolaus basteln mit Kindern Eisstiele
Nikolaus basteln mit Eisstielen Bilderanleitung
Nikolaus basteln Watte Eisstiele Wackelaugen
You can also do handicrafts with icy stems and cotton wool. Put 8 ices together without sticking them together – this will be the head. First, the stems should be cut slightly. To do this, do the following: place two iced stalks on the table parallel to each other and then vertically the remaining ones; now you can mark where the stems need to be cut. When you are done with this task, glue the stems together and dye them in skin color. Then make a beard of cotton wool. For the face you need a red bobble for the nose, as well as two different sized Wackelaugen, so the Santa Claus looks really funny. Finally, make a cap of red felt.

Nicholas tinker as a Christmas decoration: more interesting DIY ideas

Nikolaus basteln Handabdrücke
Nikolaus basteln Windlichter Handabdrücke
Creative Santa figures can also be made with hand prints. Make white handprints on cardboard with your children and cut them roughly by tapering the end towards your fingers. A triangle of red paper will serve as a hat and a circle – as a nose (as shown in the photo above).
Nikolaus basteln Origami Bilderanleitung
Nikolaus basteln kreativ Holz
Nikolaus basteln Lego tolle Idee
Nikolaus basteln mit Holzperlen und Plüschdraht
Nikolaus basteln Jutesack originelle Idee
Nikolaus basteln Origami falten toll
Nikolaus basteln aus Plüschdraht kreativ
Nikolaus basteln Praline dekorieren
Nikolaus basteln Pappe Kegel bemalen
Nikolaus basteln Pappe originelle Deko
Nikolaus basteln Papier Stern
Nikolaus basteln Weinflaschen Upcycling
Nikolaus basteln Zimtstangen verzieren
Nikolaus basteln mit Kindern Marshmallows

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