The party season starts and we have no patience to show you our TOP make-up tips for New Year’s Eve party! Whether you have brown or blue eyes, here you will find the perfect make-up for the festive occasion. We all want to sparkle and sparkle and that fits perfectly for a New Year’s Eve! Check here which make-up fits best!

New Year’s Make-up: make-up ideas for this New Year’s Eve party are announced:

The trendy

Blue eyes also look unvarnished impressive and attractive, but if you emphasize them a bit, you get a magical look that conjures! But when it comes to a festive occasion such as New Year’s Eve party, the saying “less is more” is not. Brighten your blue eyes with blue glitter eyeshadows. But it is also very important that your eye make-up matches your festive dress. Blue can not be combined with all the nuances, especially if your outfit is in bold colors. Then choose champagne shades or shades of gold and brown. If you want to make-up blue eyes and red lips, then put on the reds and purples for your make-up. The same is true and for brown eyes.

Make up for brunette and brown eyes

Do you have a Latina beauty, like the woman in the picture – dark hair and brown eyes, then you are a lucky one! Almost every make-up is suitable for brown eyes, but to make you look deeper, you should follow some make-up tips. The bold colors, such as red, purple and blue, are particularly suitable, but it is always better if you create a smooth transition to eyeshadow in nude or gold. Glamorous accents for the New Year’s Eve set by eyeshadow in metallic colors. Many examples and make-up instructions can be found in our picture gallery! Let yourself be inspired!

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Make-up instructions: DIY make-up

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