How do you plan to celebrate New Year’s Eve? Are you organizing a New Year’s Eve party at home or are guests invited? No matter, you definitely need champagne! Crafting is by no means over with the Christmas season. A special occasion like New Year needs an individual touch of fun! Just make the champagne bottle with napkins. As? Take a look at our napkin technique manual!

What is the napkin technique?

If you have no talent for painting, you can use napkins! Napkin technology and decoupage have become a craft trend in recent years. Decoupage is a 17th century artisan technique that has revived as a decoupage technique. This is a new form of decoupage, but there is a big difference. Napkin technique imitates painted art, decoupage – porcelain look. What makes napkin technology so popular? The numerous variety of napkins with different motives! And the whole range of applications – on glass, on wood, on porcelain, etc. Today we show napkin technology on glass – on champagne bottle for New Year’s Eve. Have a look at the video tutorial!

Servietteentechnik Instructions: the perfect decoration for champagne bottles

Why decorate the champagne bottle for New Year’s Eve party? Of course this is not a tradition and is not obligatory. But champagne is the symbol of the New Year and the feast becomes truly memorable when you put a beautifully decorated foam bottle as an accent for the entire evening. As a table decoration, the champagne bottle also provides a festive atmosphere on the New Year’s Eve party. If you make the champagne bottle yourself, this will be a very special gift. A wine bottle with wonderful Christmas motives can be a real eye-catcher in the Christmas night! You can not paint a motive? No worries. Without painting you can make the bottle yourself! Take a look at our servietteentechnik instructions!

Napkin Technique Instructions: How to do it right!

The required materials:

  • Wine or champagne bottle made of glass
  • very soft brush
  • You can also use napkin glue – normal glue, but it is more stable with napkin glue
  • high-quality napkins with desired motives (for beginners we recommend large motives to choose)
  • for darker bottles – light acrylic colors

Step 1: Priming

As with any guide first is the preparation. You should have as smooth and bright a surface as possible, so you must first prepare the bottle. Smooth must be the champagne bottle, so you do not get wrinkles. The napkins are very thin and the motifs should shine in bright colors. That’s why you need a bright object. If the bottle is not bright, it should first be primed with a light color. Use acrylic paint that you apply to the bottle with a flat brush. Before applying the napkin, however, the color must first dry.

Step 2: Use only the top layer of the napkin

Each napkin consists of several pulp layers. You only have to use the top layer of the napkin for your napkin technique. The pattern of the napkin is always printed on the top layer and is really very thin. Cut out the motif so that it has an extra 2-3 cm.

Step 3: Gluing and designing artwork!

Now it gets serious: Paint the bottle with the napkin glue. It works with acrylic paint as well. Lay the cut napkin as smooth as possible on the still damp surface and press it from the inside to the outside. If air bubbles occur, you can brush them out with a brush. Then brush the napkin layer again with the glue or with the acrylic paint. Be careful when gluing because too much glue can tear the motif. After that comes the patience – until the bottle is completely dry.

With the same technique you can decorate the champagne bottle with glitter! Let the New Year shine!

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