“Wood is a monosyllabic word, but behind it lies a world full of fairy tales and wonders,” said Theodor Heuss once. Everyone also wants to conjure up his own miracle in his four home walls. For that you need to get a piece of nature home. The floor is the fifth wall in your apartment and completes the picture of coziness. That’s why the flooring is very important. Here is the rule – the older, the better. Parquet is one of the most popular floor coverings as it radiates heat and guarantees long durability. The last is his biggest asset and makes it a long term investment for the future. It is durable, because in contrast to the laminate or carpet, the parquet can be renewed several times and thus develop a new radiance.

All this would not be possible if the parquet is not laid correctly. The laying is what gives your parquet floor the individual strokes. Depending on the taste, the natural wood straps can be laid to a variety of patterns such as herringbone pattern, wicker or cube patterns. Our tip: Trust the specialized flooring companies and inform yourself with experts when it comes to laying. The wood and installation types also differ in price. If you want to save, you can lay the parquet yourself. It’s not as hard as you might think. As your guide, we’ll tell you the secret of the right installation and help you choose your dream floor!

On the way to your dream floor

The first step on the way to your dream floor is to prepare the ground. Before laying the parquet, make sure that the floor is clean and dry. In the right preparation is the secret for the successful installation. Such a helpful trick – let the parquet lie horizontally in the packaging 48 hours before laying. So it will get used to the room temperature. Store it where it needs to be relocated.

Laying parquet – that’s how easy it works!

The substrate needs three layers: screed, foil and impact sound insulation. Only then come the parquet floorboards. The first hall is of great importance. This should be adjusted by sawing to the wall. It’s best to put it in a corner. The first board must be laid 10 mm away from the wall. The second row of planks click along the first one. Then you can continue with the next planks. As can be seen on the video.

The selection of laying techniques and wood species is quite rich. More and more floorboards are laid in living rooms, even in the kitchen or in the bathroom, new designs, such as plank flooring, are already in. What makes the decision but not necessarily, is the combination with the furnishing style, so that everything can harmonize with each other.

New trends: parquet in the kitchen

Convert your own bathroom into a wellness oasis by laying parquet flooring

Parquet exudes naturalness

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