Here you will find countless articles on the subject of natural stone, but all deal with garden. Today there is talk for natural stone floor in the interior design. A real eye-catcher that impresses with class and clear lines! This type of flooring will not only make your home a natural touch, but also a luxury. When nature has made the ground! In order to convince you that this flooring is the best, we have collected everything about it at a glance for you. And so that your eyes can enjoy, we have prepared a breathtaking picture gallery for you!

Natural stone floor – luxury in natural form

Natural stone floor is a long-term investment, so you need to know everything about it before you decide to buy. He not only has a special look, but is also perfect for a flat in a rustic style or minimalist decor. The breathtaking radiance is not the only benefit of this flooring. With proper care, it will just be forever. A wide selection of different species is at your disposal and you have the opportunity to design your floor according to your own wishes and ideas. We introduce you to the types of soil. Let yourself be inspired!

The most arbitrary material: granite

Granite is a popular material as it has a number of advantages. Do you know that the granite is one of the hardest stones in the world? The flooring made of granite needs little care, offers durability and brings you long time joy. You also have a choice of tiles or sheets of this material. This flooring is perfect for the living room, especially if it is inspired by minimalism. Granite has a cool look, so it is also very suitable for the bathroom or spa. It leaves these rooms even neat and clean looking.

Travertine, limestone, marble

The bright limestones are most preferred for the interior design, as they fit with any interior and visually enlarge the space. The flooring has a warm and stylish look that no other natural stone can offer. Marble is the most used because it speaks for an exclusive and luxurious way of life. The cheaper variant is travertine. But it almost gives the similar sheen of your apartment.


We left the slate last because it needs more care. However, this flooring is very robust and offers lines and charisma that is most associated with nature. Slate is preferred in high quality interior design and in apartments that are decorated in colonial or rustic style. If you choose slate, we recommend you to choose slate tiles. They have a very interesting surface that transforms your soil into a unique piece. Forget about the carpet here! The slate floor must shine with all its glass!

Maintain your natural stone floor so that it will bring you pleasure for a long time

As you have already convinced, natural stones in interior design are easy-care, but it is always advisable to follow the care instructions of the service provider. It is best to buy cleaners with neutral pH. This is especially true for the limestone floor, as you should consider some things for granite. The granite can be found in over 200 varieties, so it is important to know which natural stone is concerned.

You’ve convinced yourself that it’s worth it, but what does it cost?

The prices for natural stone are really high. But as we said before, this is an eternal flooring. The price really worth it! By type and treatment is different, but for 30 euros per square meter you can find it granite and marble plus laying but have a higher price. You can expect about 100 to 120 euros per square meter.

Get creative ideas for your natural stone flooring

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