Natural cosmetics include products that make us more beautiful and contain no harmful ingredients, although the term is still not clearly defined and protected. The definition is based on the origin of vegetable, animal or mineral raw materials, the prevention of harmful contaminants and the restrictions on processing methods. The most important ingredients are oils, fats or waxes such as argan oil, olive oil, avocado oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax. In addition, various essential oils and herbal extracts are used. Preservatives and emulsifiers should not be used in natural cosmetics. The raw materials for natural cosmetics mostly come from controlled, organic cultivation.

Natural cosmetics – the healthy beauty

Coconut oil – beautiful skin, hair, teeth and body

Coconut oil is a widely used product when it comes to natural cosmetics. The oil is a product that arises when pressed coconut pulp. It is solid in the refrigerator and only outside it becomes liquid. Virgin coconut oil is a multifunctional product in the kitchen and in the bathroom. It ensures beautiful skin and

Olive oil contains natural substances that, from a medical point of view, have an overwhelming effect on human health, for example, in the case of cancers, heart disease, diabetes, as well as depression and the so-called metabolic syndrome. Even as a natural cosmetic product, olive oil has a miraculous effect. The high vitamin E content and the antioxidants contained in the olive oil work together to delay the aging processes of human cells and especially the skin cells. The olive oil also has an excellent effect on the hair. There are a variety of cosmetic products with olive oil and it is available in every kitchen, so that a hair cure or a

Rose is a valuable substance in natural cosmetics. The active ingredients of the rose are obtained by distillation and condensation and have an aromatizing and healing effect. The rose petals contain over 400 ingredients, such as essential oils, waxes, lipids and tannins, which find widespread use in natural cosmetics and medicine. The natural rose water and rose oil have a cooling and antiseptic effect, so that they have a revitalizing and soothing effect on the skin. Very suitable for dry skin, acne treatment and skin irritation, even as anti-aging care.

Honey – delicious, healthy and a beauty maker

Even the ancient Greeks really appreciated honey. The gods owed him their immortality and the princesses bathed in milk and honey.

Honey and

A simple day cream can also be put together at home. The highest cleanliness is announced. The durability should be considered in any case. It is always important to use fresh, high-quality raw materials, because only then do you get a

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