Napkins Folding at Christmas is in itself a little art. The original folded napkins will definitely make the table look nicer and definitely worth the while – especially if you want to plan the festive evening or lunch with family and friends down to the smallest detail. In this article you will find 20 creative ideas that can help you. Let yourself be inspired and try out the variant that suits you best!

Napkins fold at Christmas – little art in itself

Napkins Folding at Christmas is actually not as difficult as it looks, and you can really enjoy it. Even your children can take part in it, so that they do not feel excluded from the preparation for the festival. The beautifully folded napkins made of fabric or paper can certainly give something to the Christmas table decoration, and you will definitely impress your guests and family. It’s best to choose napkins that match the tablecloth and tableware set to make it look stylish and puristic. In this article, you’ll find creative ideas that are super easy to copy, as well as a few picture guides showing each step in folding.

Napkins are folding at Christmas – great ideas to make your own

When folding napkins at Christmas, you have no limits – conjure your guests with fir trees, Santa Claus boots, wind turbines, stars, lotus flowers and everything that comes to mind! You can follow the instructions, but it is also possible that you change or expand the ideas – just let your imagination run wild and express your creativity! Here are a few variations that are just perfect for beginners, but there are also some that use multiple napkins. This looks more attractive, of course, but requires a bit more practice compared to the simpler variants. But if you already have experience with origami, you will certainly succeed without any problems. Have fun folding!

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