Discover the new and colorful world of nail design Spring! In addition to the monochrome designs, there is an unlimited choice of ways to decorate your fingernails. Examine our nail design palette, which is the true epitome of femininity and beauty – from the classic french nail design, to the glittering gel nails, to the stunning gel nails flower patterns. In the article you will find many spectacular nail design images that can serve as a source” of inspiration> for beginners and professionals in the field of nail design. Now choose the right look for your fingernails.

Nail Design Spring: A collection of timeless appeal and true elegance

Our collection “Nail Design Spring” astonishes with its refined design, clear structure, soft colors and lovely flower patterns. The color palette ranges from soft pastel shades and nude shades to sensual neon colors. However, you can also collect beautiful inspirations, even if you love the natural nail designs. For those who want to give their fingernails an avant-garde touch, our collection also offers bold colors.

DIY guide for nail design spring

Fall in love with the expressive design and vivid color nuances

If you do not have any specific knowledge and experience in nail design, that does not mean that you can not achieve the stunning result in the photo and just be bored with monochrome nails. The answer is “Everything is allowed and achievable”! If you are an absolute newcomer, you will find our guide especially helpful. She is very easy. The fingernail design is perfect for adding that little something to your spring look. Here’s what you need:

Nail polish “Trend it up” 090

Patterns in the popular pattern / We have chosen those with floral patterns /

  1. Apply base coat to all nails.
  2. Choose which fingernails you stick the stamps on.
  3. Before the paint dries out, place the stamps under vacuum.
  4. Paint the other nails with the nail polish twice.
  5. Let the paint dry and finally apply topcoat.

A professional result

Now you are ready for the party! Now choose a fitting outfit”>

The spring design gives your nails a feminine touch

Other great inspirations for nail designs with stamp

What glitters is not always what stands out – put on matte nail design

The black color is always in. This color is the perfect base if you are looking for a great contrast. In combination with the matt surface of the fingernails, your manicure looks just spectacular. When it comes to fingernail design, gloss is the standard, so our advice is to put it on mat. Let all eyes turn to your dull manicure, which is in vogue today.

The shiny fingernails

The matt fingernails

Nail Design 2018: The Violet – the color of the year.

The violet is a gentle and feminine color. In a pastel shade, the color can be used as a base for beautiful fingernail designs. On a white background, a bouquet of lilacs is a true staging of this season. An interesting base for the conspicuousness of your manicure is the Ombré look. Create a colorful ensemble with a trendy look. For this you need some different shades and a beauty sponge. This effect allows you to easily conjure a whole landscape.

Finally, if you want to give your manicure a personal look, take the opportunity to learn something new. In this article we have combined great and simple methods so you can give your fingernails a flawless look even without experience. Do not wait another minute and ride the waves. Now is the perfect time to take care of your nails because they are your calling card!

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