The eye-catching, beautifully decorated fingernails look gorgeous, but are often unsuitable for everyday life – sometimes for professional reasons, sometimes purely from a practical point of view, because some designs rarely endure for more than 2-3 days. In this case, e gives his only solution, and that is – simply to decide on a nail design! Follow the principle of “less is more” and be inspired by our ideas for simple yet super elegant manicures! We hope you enjoy reading!

Nail design simple – subtle and unobtrusive Manuküre for everyday life

Nageldesign schlicht French
Nageldesign schlicht dezent Punktenmuster
Nageldesign schlicht Akzentfinger golden
Nageldesign schlicht geometrisch Akzentfinger blau
Nageldesign schlicht feine geometrische Muster dezent
Nageldesign schlicht elegant geometrisch
Nageldesign schlicht geometrisch DIY Bilderanleitung
Nageldesign schlicht geometrische Muster drei farben
Nageldesign schlicht Glitzer Akzentfinger
Nageldesign schlicht geometrische Muster selber machen
Nageldesign schlicht geometrisch orange golden
When it comes to nail design is simple, the possibilities are enormous – take a look at our photos to convince yourself! A classic in this regard are French nails, which are also super easy to make yourself – maybe you know it from your own experience. The classic French manicure can also spice up with a colorful tip – so she would look just as elegant, but much more interesting. If you are looking for a simple and unobtrusive nail design, you will prefer neutral colors such as cream, beige, terakkota, powder – these look particularly stylish and discreet, and are super topical this year. If desired, you can select an accent finger and varnish it in different colors, or ornate artfully – eg with stickers or glitter. Geometric patterns look very modern and elegant – there are a variety of different designs that you could try and our photos will give you some ideas in this regard.

Nail design simple – modern color techniques and ideas for brittle nails

Nageldesign schlicht Ombre Look rosa
Nageldesign schlicht Ombre Effekt
Nageldesign schlicht blau Punktenmuster
Nageldesign schlicht geometrisch Spitze
Nageldesign schlicht Marmor Effekt
Nageldesign schlicht geometrisch zart rosa Gel
Nageldesign schlicht Acryl Schokobraun
Nageldesign schlicht rosa Glitzerlack
Nageldesign schlicht Acryl
Nageldesign schlicht Acryl Nägel
A nail design simply does not mean that your manicure should look boring. That’s why we suggest trying out a modern technique, such as Ombre nails, which are particularly soft due to the gentle color gradient, or manicure with a marble effect that impresses with its elegant look. And if you have inherently brittle nails, opt for gel or acrylic nails – where the difference between, you learn

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