After the cold winter days, every woman wants to look both modern and beautiful. Spring brings a good mood and makes us want to experiment and try new things – whether it’s new outfits or a new hairstyle. The same applies to the

For the nail design in spring, all motifs that are related to this season are suitable – for example, butterflies and flowers. This also includes everything about Easter – after all, the happy festival also takes place in spring. And when it comes to floral motifs, it’s best to pick typical spring flowers – especially pretty are the daffodils and the may or snowdrops. Actually, the variety of motifs for the spring season is huge and you can also try many interesting combinations. For a perfect nail design, it’s best to go to the nail salon. But if you have a talent for painting, you can also paint your nails yourself, which also saves you a lot of money. And on the market there are also special stickers with different designs that can be easily attached to the nails – this variant is perhaps the fastest and easiest, and the result looks just as spectacular.

Nail art design in spring – color trends

When it comes to the color design of the nails in the spring, you have a really large scope. For a cheerful nail design all bright and bright nuances are suitable, as well as the effective combinations in between. Experiment – for example, a combination of pastel shades and bright colors can look really great! With the simpler nail designs, you can also set original accents with glitter or decorative stripes. The playful variants are really modern and suitable for the spring theme – for example, a nail design with colored dots will certainly look happy and fresh. There are absolutely no limits – so let your imagination run wild and try out different variants!

Modern ombre nails for spring

When it comes to the topic of nail design in spring, the pastel shades look really tender and elegant. Light blue, yellow, pink, green, purple and white are the most modern nuances lately, which combine very well with each other. And a really attractive option is when two colors flow into each other – this effect is called ombre and it is especially fashionable today – both in nail design and hair styling. It does not matter which two colors you choose – it depends on your personal preference and your taste, but one thing is certain – the manicure with ombre effect look really stunning! And the best part is that they make themselves very easy at home – you just need a sponge, two colors of nail polish of your choice and nail polish remover. First, paint the entire nail with the first paint and let the paint dry out well. Then apply the second color to the lower half of the nail by spreading it with the sponge a little bit upwards to create the Ombre effect. Finally, remove the excess paint with nail polish remover. Your ombre nails are already done!

Nail design with glitter or decorative stripes

The nail design with sparkles is also very trendy for spring. You can show off your manicure in a wonderful way, and you can either make the whole nail, or just set effective accents. Another nice variant for spring is the manicure with decorative stripes. They are available in different colors, are characterized by an outstanding metallic effect and are easy to fix on the nails.

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