Every woman feels overwhelmed at Christmas because she’s busy preparing for the party – decorating the apartment, choosing gifts, planning the festive menu, cooking … so we have a suggestion for all the ladies – give yourself a short break and reduce the stress by making yourself beautiful Christmas manicure! In this post you will find everything about nail design Christmas – inspirational ideas, modern motives, as well as some tips that can help you. Take a look at our designs and let yourself be inspired!

Nail Design Christmas: Give your festive look the finishing touch!

Of course, as women we want everything to be perfect for Christmas – so we should not forget ourselves! The neat, artfully painted fingernails will add the finishing touch to your festive look, so it’s worth picking some inspirational nail design ideas from this article. First, it’s important to tailor the color design of the nails with your outfit and accessories. The traditional nuances for Christmas are deep red and blue, white, brown, silver, golden and fir green, but the color selection is above all a matter of taste. You can paint your manicure either in a basic tone or in full color, so that you end up looking elegant or cheerful.

Nailart design Christmas – color design and motives

The motif selection is also very individual, but there are some variants that are simply timeless – snowflakes, pine branches, Santa Claus boots, Christmas trees, little angels, snowmen. Slightly more extravagant are the bells, moose, gingerbread men and the various ornamental ornaments. If you have enough time, you could even paint a whole winter landscape on your nails. It would also be very nice to make each nail different – but this idea is again time consuming. Of course, there are also faster variants that you can try – it is particularly easy, for example, to paint your manicure like candy canes and make or snowflakes on it. We hope that you will find something for you among our suggestions!

Nailart design Christmas – ideas to imitate

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