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Glitter has become a trend in 2016. Combine glitter with Ombré effect and you’ll have all eyes on you. Our suggestion is to select the classic red color and combine it with a golden glitter. Look at the technique and you can create a color gradient with different colors. Our color design is very suitable for a Christmas party. But if you’re looking for a nail design that’s suitable for everyday use, use pastel shades from a color palette.

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First, be sure to wear Top Coat. This applies to any nail design, so that your nail polish brings you more pleasure. Then follow two layers of the classic rich red. Wait for the base to dry well. Then comes the golden nail polish. To achieve the Ombré effect, you need a sponge. You can find it in almost every drugstore. But if you can not find it, just take a household swam. Pour a little of the golden nail polish on a piece of paper so you can take the sponge more easily. Dab the golden on the tips until the middle of the nail. Repeat until you are satisfied with the result.

Nail Art Instructions: Another idea with glitter

Take a brush and let your creativity run wild! Whether with glitter or with simple nail polish, you can do wonders with the brush! Do not start immediately with difficult figures. Recommended for beginners are the geometric figures and stripes. They have also become an absolute trend this year. With small dots you can paint a ladybird without much courage. Get ideas from our creative examples! Have fun!

Nail art instruction with paper and water

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