If you are a fan of beautiful and modern nail designs, you may want to know what’s in fashion for the coming winter months. And nail design Winter 2016 differs significantly in some aspects from the trends in the past years – there are many surprises and innovative modelooks that impress with their originality and you will certainly like. In this article you will find useful information about the most modern color trends and motifs for this winter as well as many ideas that are super easy to imitate. Let yourself be inspired!

The shape of the nails

In the winter of 2016, the trend for longer manicures with particularly sharp tips remains current. This shape of the nails can give you a really unusual and extravagant look and is particularly suitable for dark paint colors, which are preferred by most women in the fall and winter. Modern are also the elongated nails with a natural look.

Nail art design Winter 2016: color trends

When it comes to the most fashionable nail polish sneakers for winter 2016, the color khaki is the most up to date. Its nuances create an interesting contrast with the female charisma and in this way they emphasize them all the more. Orange is also very much in vogue today. You can use it as a base color or only use original accents. In this context, Orange with its warm radiance is also the most modern color for the fall season of this year – that means until the middle of December. It’s also scientifically proven that orange can affect our mood in a positive way – making us funnier and more optimistic, which is of use in the cold seasons.

Nageldesign Winter 2016: modern manicure in deep blue, purple and cobalt

But there are other colors that are modern this winter. In addition to orange, you should also try a nail design in purple by the end of the year. But do not choose a brighter pastel shade – they are typically more like spring, but also opt for deep, dark tones. The best variant may be nail polish in purple, enriched additionally with Mickoglanz – such manicures will certainly impress! For this winter season, deep blue and cobalt are also a must when it comes to nail design, and that will not change until spring 2016. These shades become even more modern and up-to-date as they look very elegant and resemble the nuances of some gemstones. And combined with rhinestones or decorative stripes, they are simply breathtaking!

Nail art design Winter 2016: motifs

We will also cover the most interesting and recent motifs in the field of nail design for winter 2016. Since the beginning of the fall season, the images depicting faces of famous people will be super popular – and this trend will not change until spring. For example, having pictures with Merlyn Monroe on your nails can not only be funny, but will also give you an extravagant and stylish look. The geometric motifs also play an important role in the nail design trends of the winter season of 2016. The classic variants in black and white will be super modern again – and the best part is that they look really elegant! The timeless chess pattern will be the most popular. Furthermore, the combination of gloss and matt is really popular in nail design. For a breathtaking vision, you can execute this idea in a gemstone nuance – the result will certainly be spectacular.

Other current trends

Guipure nail patterns are also current for winter 2016. They emphasize your elegance and femininity and can also be combined with other modern nuances. In the coming winter season, you should absolutely try out the 3D nail designs – they create interesting visual effects and seem as limited, which could correspond for example with a sweater wonderful. And the last trend in nail design that you can follow are the animal patterns that look really exotic and attractive. The cat’s eyes are especially modern this winter.

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