Own your own house – that sounds fantastic! And what if this dream becomes real? Planning and building your own house is a big challenge. Own means individual, unique as you! To transform your home into home, you should bring a personal touch. It’s not just about individual design, you have to give your home a heart. The first step is to choose the type of house – that determines your lifestyle and individualism. We have provided an overview of all types of houses for you. Do you want to take a look?

The classic of house types – massive house

The massive house was long considered a standard for the house construction. A solid house means a house constructed of masonry or concrete that has been built in solid construction. The walls have a supporting function to create a stable house with a pleasant indoor climate. Today there is a huge selection of massive houses. The whole variety of possibilities, as well as still stunning house types, you can find for example on Immonet .

The Architect House – a house as unique as you are

The architect houses are these types of houses that will best express your individualism! Each piece is individually adapted to your ideas and wishes and your home is unique. This allows you to plan your own home to suit your needs.

What does a family need more than a single-family home?

You can build a detached house as a solid house, as well as select from all house types. The biggest advantage of this house type is that it is free standing and offers a very cozy ambience for a family. In large areas you always feel alone. The family house offers comfort and design at the same time. It has a warm atmosphere and will be built according to your needs again – as a bungalow, prefabricated house or with solid construction. If you want to build with friends or gather the whole family under one roof, the better option for you is the apartment blocks.

Modern design with Bauhaus

You like more the clear forms and modern design? Then the houses in the Bauhaus style are just for you! The style of this house type is not only modern, it is timeless. The houses in the architectural style not only have heart, but they are functional smarthouses. Typical of the house type are the cubic forms that follow the functions. Floor-to-ceiling windows are also a feature of the Bauhaus style, which looks even more aesthetic. The decor is necessarily modern or inspired by minimalism.

The type of house you choose according to your own life concept

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