There is something irresistible in a baby monkey. These cute baby monkeys, like the Capuchins, for example, seem so sweet and helpless and seem as much like a human child in many ways. However, the sweet babies grow difficult and in general, adult monkeys therefore do not make good pets. They are so intelligent, but ultimately their very intelligence makes the monkeys as pet very demanding.

Monkeys as pets are a big commitment

If you decide to take a monkey as a pet, you should know that it is not the same as looking after most other pets.

A well-groomed monkey can live from 20 to 40 years and you need to know that you should give it full commitment in the course of your life

A monkey as a pet can not do it without your attention or when they are busy in their everyday lives, or the circumstances around you change. They do not grow up and mature like the human kids do – they are always toddlers.

Although the monkeys are cute as a hermit, they are wild animals

Taking a monkey as a pet may not be good for new people in your life (including spouses and children) and make it hard for a vacation. Finding a new home for a monkey as a pet is extremely difficult and psychologically and emotionally difficult for the monkey.

Monkeys are permanently infants

Legal issues with the monkey as a pet

Primates like monkeys are sometimes illegal as pets. Many states prohibit the keeping of monkeys as pets, regardless of their nature. If a monkey is legal to own where you live, then it is necessary for the owner to ensure that you have a permit for it. Homeowner policy may require additional liability insurance. If you find out you have a monkey, but not with insurance. There is a danger that the monkey will be taken from you, especially if your monkey bites someone.

Medical problems with monkeys as pets

A wide range of diseases can be transmitted from monkeys and other primates to humans and vice versa. Finding a veterinarian in your area who is capable and ready to treat a primate could also be a challenge. But considering how long monkeys live, it is inevitable that many will need the help of a doctor during their lifetime. Diabet is common in pet monkeys because of poor diet. Many owners feed the monkeys with inappropriate products. And thief is not the only disease that requires constant monitoring from you and your veterinarian.

Monkeys can be aggressive

The sweet, dependent baby monkey will eventually become adult and the wild animal he should actually be. Unfortunately, the monkey’s wild nature can not change. Indeed, depriving a monkey from normal social relationships with other monkeys can create behavioral problems and neurosis.

Monkeys as pets also have a tendency to bite (and they have 32 teeth). They have different personalities, so you can not generalize, but some monkeys become very aggressive and others become more docile. Nevertheless, monkeys are unpredictable and could be aggressive, especially during and after puberty.

Housing for monkeys as a pet

Monkeys need a large, secure housing and should spend time outdoors if possible. You do not need to have a variety of constantly changing toys and sports equipment that are provided or you will suffer from boredom. Some states require certain types of licensing requirements for the housing to be met, but you should always have a place where they can keep their monkeys when you’re not with them.

Overall, monkeys are not good pets. Yes, some may be quite sweet for a time and have the appeal of a furry baby, but the reality is that monkeys cause too much damage, they are a predator, do not forget that!

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