The Italian cuisines are so full of delicious and spicy foods, healthy food, quick recipes, etc. For such a healthy and hearty cuisine, you have to have good, systematic and organized kitchen design and beautiful kitchen decoration. The simplest and most appealing way to preserve the design of the modular kitchen is to have a compact look, with a well-planned design and matching furniture arrangement. Do not waste a single inch.

A compact modular kitchen for easy cooking. The has modular furniture, cabinets, drawers, pull-out trays, storage system

The following quick and easy tips will help you to organize your modular kitchen well.
Channel your drawer system: It is always easy for a woman to work with a pull-out drawer. It is fast, time and energy saving, convenient to hold the bottles, jars, containers, plates, etc.
Personalization: According to your need, requirement, taste, quantity, style and style of cooking, you should plan a furniture set for the modular kitchen – cabinets, trays, pull-outs etc. and then, according to the dimensions of the respective kitchen space.

One of the biggest advantages of the modular kitchen is the freedom of self-adaptation

Open racks and trays: For a smooth process, without interrupting the work, it is necessary to install some open shelves and trays on the counter. Typical of the Italian cuisine is an endless list of spices, oils, etc. In order to get your job done faster, it is better to keep them all before your eyes.

Nice and functional

Forming the modular kitchen: Depending on your space and your requirements, it is better to give it a proper appealing shape of your kitchen. You can choose an L-shaped kitchen, two-line kitchen, G-kitchen, a kitchen block, a wall-standing kitchen, a U-shaped kitchen, etc. You can add a plate for extra work or just leave the dishes in the middle. Regardless of the shape, make sure you are doing a healthy and good job in your kitchen.


An island design gives your kitchen a luxury look, but the layout usually includes more space than is available in a small kitchen. Still, this plan, which is more suitable for medium-sized kitchens, can give you some ideas that you would like to keep for your final kitchen design.


A straight kitchen is a single line of cupboards. As the name implies, like a road, as a rule, long and narrow. However, this design can work like a well-organized and streamlined kitchen. It is best to separate the cooking area from the sink by ends. This design still leaves plenty of storage space. It can accommodate several cooks who have everything they need nearby. Either glass wall units or open shelves prevent you from feeling hemmed in. It creates a sense of space and opens the design.


With cabinets along two opposite walls, a parallel kitchen offers more storage space, such as expanded depths and cabinet heights. This can provide great opportunities for a variety of cooking activities and storage while preventing your kitchen from feeling like a corridor.


A practical and popular layout that offers a good bearing, ergonomics and a very effective working triangle. It works efficiently in small kitchens. In a larger room can accommodate a dining table, which is entertaining and very good for families.


An effective U-shape, as a rule, includes more space than is available in a small kitchen. Still, this plan, which is more suitable for medium-sized kitchens, can give you some ideas to incorporate into your final kitchen design.
Never compromise on the quality of materials. Use quality materials, you will never have a reason to be disappointed and everything will serve you a long time. Always buy proven brands and waterproof items that are a bit expensive, but will last for many years.

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