Usually, we put a lot of effort into setting up our home to be stylish, cozy and inviting. However, we should not neglect the outside area – namely the garden and the terrace – this is actually the calling card of every home! However, a successful terrace design is not as easy as it looks at first glance – you should find the right piece of furniture that can be left outside all year round, think of privacy and roofing possibilities. In this article, we introduce you to the most important rules of modern terrace layout. Also look at the photos – they could give you inspirational ideas!

Modern terrace design – tips and tricks

The modern terrace should look like a harmonious extension of the house. There you can spend nice days and evenings outdoors, enjoying the fresh air and the view of the garden. Terrace is also an ideal place to relax after a hard day’s work, invite guests in the summer or organize small parties, so their design deserves as much attention as the interior design. There are some tips and tricks that can help you a lot with this task. To find out more, read on!

Selection of patio furniture

When designing the terrace, the furniture is actually the most important. If quality is your top priority, go to a specialist store for high quality garden furniture. The pieces of furniture on the terrace should not only be comfortable, but also robust and weather-resistant – this is especially important if they will stay outside in winter. For example, Ratan furniture meets all these requirements – they are elegant, not cheap at all, need almost no care and are simply ideal for the outside. Make yourself comfortable on the terrace – this way you and your guests can enjoy the beauty of the garden. Do not forget the soft blankets and colorful cushions – you can make the furniture more comfortable and give the terrace a happy look. An interesting design solution, for example, is to continue the color scheme from the living room on the terrace. If the terrace is larger, you can also set up a barbecue there – for unforgettable barbecues with friends and family!

Flooring and terrace roofing

The flooring also plays an important role in terrace design. The wooden floor gives the terrace a more comfortable look, but breaks regular care – against moisture, mold and pests. A good choice for the outside area are the tiles (but do not forget that the wet tiles are often slippery!) And the paving stones. It is also recommended to cover the terrace – it protects the sitting area from the wind, strong rays of sun, rain and snow and allows for a pleasant stay outdoors. There are two options – patio roofing as a wall or a free-standing variant. The choice depends on the size of the terrace and your personal preferences, but professional installation is a must. The roofing as a wall construction is actually more durable and stable, but the costs are also greater.

Lighting and privacy

Of crucial importance for the successful terrace design is also the privacy. There are actually many ways to protect your privacy from the curious foreign views – a variant are the decorative trees and shrubs, as well as the climbing plants such as ivy. They provide effective privacy and visually enhance the exterior by creating a beautiful green backdrop. A high gabion wall is also a good solution and in the market you will also find special privacy panels for terraces. The lighting is also of importance for the outside area. While the eco-friendly solar lamps are the best solution for the garden, you should choose a different version for the terrace. It would be very interesting to set accents with the lighting – for example more light for the barbecue area and dim lighting for the seating area to create a pleasant atmosphere.

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