When winter time is around the corner, the chimney time is knocking! Imagine having a cozy evening with the family on the couch, relaxing in front of a warm woodburning stove, blazing the flames and illuminating the whole apartment. Fantastic! And this is not about this old fireplace in the houses 20 years ago. Modern stoves bring not only comfort and warmth to the apartment, but style and elegance. To make this dream a reality, you must consider a few things before buying the stove. We have selected the most famous manufacturers for you and made a comparison of prices and quality. Below are helpful tips to help you buy trendy and functional wood-burning stoves.

Modern Stoves: Tips Before Buying

Modern stoves differ by fuel and paneling. Most of all, the wood-burning fireplaces use wood pellets for automatic operation, logs, or those that heat the water in an external water reservoir. If you want to use wood in a particularly efficient way, you should opt for a pellet stove, which, in combination with a hot water tank, can be used as an automatic heating system. However, there are also decorative wood-burning stoves, such as electric fireplaces, which do not require fuel, but they are not included in the comparison because they cause too high electricity costs. In order for the stoves to be modern and elegant, we also distinguish design-conscious additional elements, such as glass floor panels, sliding doors or elaborate interior linings. Do not put any limit on your own wishes and ideas and bring a personal touch when planning your fireplace design. Important points to consider before you buy are not just the type and design, but the environmental characteristics and, of course, the heat output. You do not have to underestimate the robustness either. For a modern minimalist apartment you do not have to compromise with the visual impression!

If you want modern stoves, you will be ready to pay more

Modern stoves are an investment in the future and they must guarantee quality. And the quality costs money. As we said above, you have to think not only of the fireplace itself, but of the high-quality wall mounts, which vary between 40 EUR and 500 EUR, to the bottom plate too. Only it costs about 50 EUR. That’s the lowest cost when talking about modern stoves. The heater itself costs thousands. Below you will find the best manufacturers, which we have determined for you after a detailed comparison. For example, the “Calimax Twist 06”, which costs around 9000 EUR, is especially good. In comparison, you will find the stoves from Austroflamm for 3000 – 4000 EUR including shipping costs. But there are cheap stoves that prove a surprising quality. With a price of just 200 euros, you can compromise on the workmanship, if the fireplace for this money offers a good fire safety.

Another important thing before buying: manufacturer comparison

In the market you will find so many models of stoves that you can completely lose the orientation. On the internet you can actually find a dealer directory. Here, however, the manufacturer is more important and this we have put in focus. It is important to know that not every dealer leads all manufacturers. It is recommended that you order directly from the manufacturer. A stove test is even more important for you to make your right decision. The points you need to test have already been determined. Enjoy our fascinating picture gallery with excellent examples from the most famous manufacturers and choose the most suitable stove for you!

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