Some say that the steel stairs outside have a cool look. But that’s not the case for us. They remind of Monreal! Anyone interested in architecture and design will surely know the rich history of Monreal architecture. We discover steel staircases not only at sights and large old buildings, these we afflict on every doorstep. And when we open the door, we move into a historical cultural world! That’s one side of the steel stairs outside. In recent years, they become a part of the modern design and architecture. In our article you will find out why!

Steel stairs outside – what advantages do you have?

If you opt for an external steel staircase, you will have an eternal staircase! They are very robust, durable and fireproof. The steel staircases have a simple design that is perfect for modern architecture. It should not be underestimated that steel ramps for wheelchair users can be made. A steel staircase will bring you joy for a long time and if you refresh or paint it, it will remain the same even in 10 years!

Straight or wound?

If there is talk of the outdoor area, you should pay attention to the place, as you certainly want to have a beautiful garden. The straight steel stairs offer more functionality and lightness, but take up a lot of space. If your design is inspired by minimalism and you have a large garden, the choice must be straight. They have clean lines and simple shapes that perfectly match modern architecture. An important advantage but have the spiral staircase – the security. Due to the helical shape you can afford high steel stairs, no matter if you have a lot of space. With glass railings, the external stairs made of steel are truly an eye-catcher!

Combine steel stairs outside with other materials

In addition to many advantages, the steel stairs have some disadvantages outside. They are not that practical in the winter days and have a cool look. But you can easily avoid these weaknesses by combining the steel with other materials. We recommend wood, as it creates a warm ambience. Dress up your steel staircase with wood panels and you will also fight the inconvenience of winter days.

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