Without sunlight, life is impossible, without proper interior lighting there is no comfort. The lighting concept plays a vital role in interior design, bringing out the structure and natural beauty of your home. In addition, the interior lighting should meet technical lighting requirements of the apartment, so that a proper light distribution is achieved. These basic requirements are difficult fulfilled by the previous light bulb. The invention of lighting technology – LED, is the final solution! Read our tips for a professional lighting concept to transform your home into a real oasis of well-being and to feel comfortable.

What should you look for when creating the concept for proper lighting?

Before you realize the importance of proper interior lighting, you should be well acquainted with the influence of light. First, the light affects our eyes. About 65% of all information for the environment is obtained by means of the visual process – the most important sensory receiver. On the other hand, one has high sensitivity for the light distribution. It has been scientifically proven that one reacts sensitively to the light-dark change. That’s why 2% of the world’s population suffer from winter depression .

The factors that are of great importance when choosing the interior” lighting> are:

  • Brightness – The best reading and writing speed is 500 lux *
  • Design of the lights – Create a small oasis for reading as a combination of original seating and some individually configured lamps. A variety of unusual designs of lamps with high energy efficiency and quality can be found on www.getlight.de .
  • Speed ​​- it depends on whether the lights get going fast enough.
  • Light distribution – the lighting should highlight the accents of your home.
  • shadows
  • Light color – The artificial light can not replace the natural, but the new lights can better imitate it. For kitchen, bedroom and living room you rely on warm white light, for work zones – cool light.
  • Energy Consumption – The replacement of the bulbs (60 watts) with LED lighting (10 watts) saves over 15 euros annually in every German household.
  • Lifespan – The light bulb – 1 year, the LED lighting – 25 years

* Lux – the unit of measure for brightness

The future of lighting is composed of 3 letters

Light imitating diodes – LED

Today, LED lighting is the shooting star of all types of lighting. This new technology solves some of the global lighting problems, such as low energy efficiency and lifetime. The LED lights offer users flexible usability and guarantee that you will never again fall into the trap of the hot light bulb. The current technologies in the field of interior lighting reach some incredible technical heights, such as the modern “smart” light management. At the same time they can fulfill all the necessary lighting requirements and create a splendid ensemble of modern lamps and luminaires with unusual designs.

3 tips for high comfort in your home

  1. Pampering for the soul – A well-balanced lighting of the mood and work lights up the atmosphere in your home very well.
  2. Enjoy every sight! – The right light distribution gives you the opportunity to use so-called islands of light to highlight the accents of your home and conceal the problem areas.
  3. Comfort above all – opt for luminaires that respond to the couch at the push of a button. A higher light comfort is closely linked to high comfort.

A brilliant chandelier, as from the fairy tale

Your attitude to life should follow the motto:

“Allow yourself to be a beginner!”

Only then will you be ready to bid farewell to the former light bulbs and say yes to the counterfeiting LED lighting! A girls evening party, a romantic dinner for two, a movie night or a domestic “black tie” party – the modern lighting with stunning design makes everything possible!

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