The architecture has evolved so much that almost everyone dreams of a luxurious home like movies and magazines! In order for this not only an unattainable dream, you need a little inspiration and helpful tips. We are your guide in the choice of your new home! We have put together an amazing picture gallery and breathtaking examples of a modern house especially for you!

How do you recognize a modern house?

The facade is the face of the house and you can immediately see a modern house, if you look at the simple elegant facade. First and foremost, the roof shape shapes the modern architecture. Take a look at the picture above – a modern flat roof house in elegant white and beige. It does not come down to traditional colors and materials, but design that expresses the individuality of the inhabitants. A modern house is not just a building, it’s a work of art with a personal touch!

How do I design a modern house?

If you plan the modern design of your new home, you should create a harmonious overall design. Note the facade cladding – very well fit glass facades, clinker facades, or plastered concrete. Do not underestimate the wood, it does not always seem rustic. Keep unity, not just on the façade, but also in the decor. As soon as you see our pictures and fascinating examples of modern houses, you can immediately show your ideas to your architect!

What do I have to consider when building a house?

If the inspiration is there and you have the picture in mind, then the hardest step for you – planning and house building. Even when planning a modern house, it is advisable to pay attention to an ideal interplay of windows, rooms and the outdoor area. The keyword here is simple elegance and the motto is “less is more!”. Whether you choose wood or concrete, the well-chosen colors provide an attractive look. The modern house is inspired by the basic, cool color scheme. Bring more color home with the help of decoration. Let yourself be inspired by the beautiful examples of modern furnishings!

Modern home furnishings – fascinating examples

Bungalow modern

Luxury house in minimalist style

Luxury in the city: building a modern city villa

Luxury in the city: building a small house

The last trend: flat roof house

Make your home modern and rustic – a dreamlike combination!

Modern pictures of modern houses – Enjoy our picture gallery!

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