Would you like to have a fresh and elegant mid-length” hairstyle> for the summer? Then you are right here! In this post we present you the most modern hairstyles that you might not like. The medium length is not only the best option for the warm season, but also looks really chic, and gives the fine hair more volume. With the right cut you would highlight your facial contours and the styling possibilities are almost limitless – take a look at our photos to see for yourself! We hope that you get inspiration from our ideas to make a great half-length hairstyle!

Short hairstyles: Long Bob – smooth or wavy

When it comes to hairstyles halfway, the choice is almost unlimited! There are many interesting styles that you could try, but in this post we will give you some modern ideas and tips that would be of help. And which are the most modern medium length hairstyles for summer 2018? Let’s start with the different variations of the classic bob hairstyle that always looks stylish! The trend is currently the so-called “Long Bob”, in which the hair length reaches to the shoulders. The long bob hairstyle with a center parting and light waves looks simply beautiful – casual, fresh and super elegant at the same time. The medium length allows you to style your hair very differently – you could easily make a small bun, or visually enhance the hairstyle with a few braided accents. The Long” bob> (also known as “praise”) fits in principle to all face shapes, for women with a heart-shaped or oval face, but he is the perfect choice! If you like the idea of ​​a longer, bumpy bob, you might want to buy a set of hot wraps – you can create mesmerizing waves without damaging the hair structure too much. So that the hairstyle lasts longer and gets a nice shine, fix with a little hairspray. If you’re looking for a stylish look, stick half of your hair on the side with hairpins. This version is just perfect for official occasions and looks very romantic.

Charming hairstyles half-length – step cut

Another great idea for fine hair is the step cut. The coarse steps would give the medium-length hairstyle a casual look, and the fine – a charming with a retro touch. The biggest benefit of the steps is that you can make your hair look luscious and voluminous. For ladies with an oval or long face, the step” cut would> be great. The hairstyle is currently very hot with both short and long pony. It is perfect for naturally smooth hair – with this haircut you would create a kind of frame around the face and emphasize its beauty. The hairstyle is also popular among the stars – a well-known wearer of the half-length Stuffenschnitts is Jennifer Aniston.

Hairstyles half-length with bangs for a romantic look

Would you like a romantic looking haircut for the summer? Opt for medium-length hairstyle with pony! The pony frames the face beautifully, and looks really feminine and stylish – look at the photos above to see for yourself! Many stars like to wear medium-length hair with bangs – for example, the actresses Dakota Johnson, Emma Stone, and the singer Taylor Swift. For an even cooler effect, you can opt for lighter or darker strands, or try different color techniques – for example, Ombre or Balayage. For ladies with a round face, this is the best medium long hairstyle.

Medium long hair + curls = the perfect combination

You have naturally curly hair? Then the average length is ideal for you! Surely you know from experience that a long curly mane can not be easily maintained. If you shorten your hair a bit, the new hairstyle would not only be more practical, but also appear more voluminous. Experiment with the cut and hair color to get a more interesting effect. We wish you much success!

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