In the heart of the city and yet in the countryside? What could be better than enjoying a piece of nature at home? If you own a garden, you can count yourself lucky. But if you live in the middle of the city, then relaxing in the garden in the sunshine is just a dream. Our team refutes the claim that it is less green in the city. Here you will discover tips on how your city terrace becomes a green oasis of tranquility and how modern garden design succeeds on your own balcony.

Modern garden design transforms your terrace into your summer living room!

Before you start with the terrace design, you should answer the question of the style. The terrace also has its own stylish “clothing”. If you want to transform your own balcony in the heart of the city into your summer living room, then you can rely on a modern style. If your city apartment is so decorated, then the terrace expands the living space outside and the boundaries between outside and inside seem to disappear. The modern garden design is characterized by timelessness and the modern patio furniture provide high comfort.

Garden furniture and accessories make every terrace a place of serenity

Hartman garden furniture and accessories for your terrace are the icing on the cake in the individual and modern garden design. The furniture for the outside should fit the overall theme of the design and your personal style. Our recommendation – always pay attention to class rather than mass when choosing garden and patio furniture. An example of garden furniture that stands out from the crowd and offers different materials and colors, as well as high quality, you can find on Kees Smit garden furniture . Do not forget that furniture without decoration, like a surprise egg are without surprise. The garden d├ęcor brings your patio to life, just as nature is!

From the living room directly onto the terrace – make your outdoor area just as comfortable as your living area

The garden is characterized first and foremost by the green and the garden furniture. But not only the comfortable lounge set itself is an eye-catcher – the cuddly pillows on it make it so cozy! For the grand finale of garden design, you should also attach importance to the decorative garden accessories. Here is the rule – less is more. Small candles on the garden table make the cold evenings on the terrace warmer and more comfortable, a tray of real wood, full of beautiful flowers will delight you every morning while drinking coffee. Let your imagination run free, get inspiration from our design ideas to give your outdoor area and feel-good the certain something!

Roof terrace as a green oasis in lueftiger height

Modern terrace as a connection between green space and home contributes to the beautiful overall appearance

We hope that our design ideas will help you create the most beautiful terrace that best expresses your individuality! Enjoy the first rays of sunshine outdoors on your patio, where you can sit back and relax in your own home after a stressful day at work. Van Gogh once said, “If you truly love nature, you will find it beautiful everywhere!”

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