When winter becomes gloomy and snowing outside, we want to cozy up in our home. The bedroom is this room from the whole apartment, where you want to make it cuddly. The bedroom is not just a bed where we sleep, but a popular retreat where you can cuddle up with a good book and relax properly. Unfortunately, the modern bedroom does not suffice. To cuddle up you need a warm blanket, pillows, a fairy lights for romantic mood and why not a coat? As you make your bedroom modern and comfortable with these things, we will bring creative Cozy ideas. Let yourself be inspired!

Modern bedroom with fur set up

Setting up with fur has become very popular and fashionable in recent years, especially among the followers of

For a cozy evening on the couch, they are essential: cuddly, warm blankets to mumble. Whether in the form of a coat, made of yarn or knitted, the warm blankets make the bedroom look modern and keep the cold winter outside. It is always nice to have more than two blankets on the bed, not only because they keep you warm, but also they are especially beautiful as a decorative element in the bedroom. On the example photo above you can see that we have different types of blankets for the decoration of this bedroom. When combined in the same style and colors, all the blankets make a beautiful unit and add to the cozy bedroom furniture

Fairy lights – for not only warm days, but also for cozy evenings

Not only warmth and coziness are needed in the bedroom, but also light. It creates a romantic atmosphere and invites you to dream! Especially during the Advent and Christmas time is not without decorative fairy lights just not. Bring the festive mood not only in the living room, but also in the bedroom, as you put the fairy lights over the bed.

You also need natural light in the bedroom – light the candle!

The candles in the bedroom catapult the cosiness factor to unseen heights. Open fire brings the comforts of home, whether candles or fireplaces. If you modernize your bedroom, there is also a modern fire pit.

Decoration is more than home accessories!

If we want to feel really comfortable in our bedroom, not just a bed with a blanket or a wardrobe is enough. Why not place some picture frames with your loving over the bed? Christmas decoration in the bedroom also creates a festive mood. Decoration means much more than just home accessories, showing the character of the apartment and its inhabitants. Combine the decoration articles, if you collect ideas from our picture gallery. Scandinavian decoration fits perfectly with the “Cozy Home” Other wonderful inspirations can be found here!

Green in the bedroom – that adds the whole atmosphere

We hope that we have helped you to create a homely and comfortable atmosphere in your bedroom and we wish many cozy and cuddly evenings in your bedroom!

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