Whether oval, rectangular or quardatic – the modern coffee table is a must for every living room! The functional piece of furniture, which is simply indispensable as a storage area for coffee cups, remote controls, magazines and books, can also impress with an aesthetic look – take a look at our photos to see for yourself! The coffee table modern has become an eye-catcher in the Modern coffee table for a stylish ambience in the living room
Couchtisch modern rund Beine Edelstahl Glasplatte
Couchtisch modern Metall Kunststoff hochglanz
Couchtisch modern ZBasis rund ovale Tischplatte Glas
Couchtisch modern Kunststoff minimalistisch
Couchtisch modern Holz drei Teile herrlicher Look
Couchtisch modern Holz originell Hocker
Couchtisch modern Kunststoff weiss Glas Hochglanz
Couchtisch modern Edelstahl Beine Glasplatte minimalistisch
A modern coffee table with its impressive design can bring a little more style to any living room! The variety of models, materials, shapes and sizes is almost limitless, so we hope that our ideas will make your selection easier. Our photos show how coffee tables can be successfully integrated into the living room interior, and in this respect they can serve you as an example. And what is characteristic of the modern coffee tables? As mentioned above, most designer models are functional and practical, offering plenty of storage space, but in themselves are an aesthetic decoration object that attracts attention. Most designers rely on unusual, futuristic shapes and a variety of materials such as glass, stainless steel, wood and plastic to turn the practical coffee table into a small “work of art”.

Coffee table modern: great variety of materials, shapes and colors

Couchtisch modern Aluminium Ornamente
Couchtisch modern rund Aluminium minimalistisch
Couchtisch modern runde Glasplatte Holz
Couchtisch modern zwei Tischplatten
Couchtisch modern rechteckig Metallbeine
Couchtisch modern Glas niedrig minimalistisch
Couchtisch modern Hocker praktisch Hocker
Couchtisch modern Gitter originelle Form
Couchtisch modern tolles Design aus Edelstahl
Of course, choosing the right coffee table depends on the style of your living room: while the Scandinavian and country-house style emphasizes natural materials such as wood, the high-gloss surfaces of glass, metal and plastic are typical of the minimalist and industrial styles. The glass material gives a feeling of elegance and purity, which is why the glass-top coffee tables are still in great demand. Stainless steel reflects the light and makes the design really glamorous, but there are other metals used in the production of designer coffee tables. These include, for example, the aluminum, which can be decorated much more easily with effective ornaments, compared to other materials. A minimalist coffee table made entirely of aluminum will visually enhance your living room and even give the room an oriental touch. It would be a delightful addition to minimalist or Scandinavian style furnishings.

Modern coffee table: choose a model that suits any interior

Couchtisch modern ovale Form minimalistisch weiss Hochglanz
Couchtisch modern Metallbeine minimalistisch
Couchtisch modern zwei Teile hexagonal
Couchtisch modern Glasplatte Metall Beine
Couchtisch modern Beine Edelstahl originelle Form
Couchtisch modern Basis Metallringe Glasplatte
Couchtisch modern mit zwei Tischplatten
Couchtisch modern Glas Beine Tischplatte elegant
Couchtisch modern Glas weiss beige
Of course, there are also modern coffee tables that will suit any interior – for example, a white model that blends harmoniously with both monochrome and colorful furniture. And if you opt for an oval design made of plastic or stainless steel with a high-gloss look, you will bring a touch of extravagance in the room! Such a coffee table has a simple design, but impresses with its unusual shape and shiny surface, which make it a real eye-catcher.

Wooden coffee tables simply exude cosiness!

Couchtisch modern Stauraum seitlich Holz
Couchtisch modern Basis Massivholz Glasplatte
Couchtisch modern Holz praktisches Design Stauraum
Couchtisch modern Holz Metallrahmen
Couchtisch modern Holz
Couchtisch modern tolle Kombination von Materialien
Couchtisch modern Holz zwei Teile futuristisch
Couchtisch modern mit Hockern Holz und Lederpolsterung
Wooden coffee tables simply exude cosiness! Today, most designer models combine wood with glass surfaces and ornaments made of steel, which creates a modern look of the furniture. But not only the great look is important – that’s why most of the coffee tables designed especially for the living room also have additional storage space, such as hidden drawers. This gives you the opportunity to put newspapers, books and other stuff there, so there is no visible chaos on the coffee table. Lately it has become modern, instead of a large coffee table, to select several small side tables and to arrange them original in a group. Try out the idea yourself, if it sounds interesting to you – maybe the 2-3 attractive side tables can beautify your living room! Those who like the idea for a group of coffee tables in different sizes could also opt for models made of different materials – the successful combination of materials and colors will certainly create a stylish ambience in the room.

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