Tiles have long been the most preferred floor and wall coverings in bathrooms, and that’s not by accident – they are quick and easy to clean, are particularly durable and create a very individual atmosphere with their striking patterns and colors in the bathroom. In this article we offer you useful information about the most modern bathroom tiles for 2018. Here’s what the latest trends and trendy designs are that can give your bathroom a very different look. We hope you enjoy reading and hope you enjoy our suggestions!

Which are the most beautiful bathroom tile designs for 2018?





This year, the bathroom tiles in the natural look are very much in vogue – this applies both to the material, as well as the patterns and color design. If you’re looking for an inviting, cozy atmosphere in the bathroom, it’s best to choose natural stone tiles with reliefs in warm, earthy colors such as brown, beige and crème. You can achieve the same effect with tiles in wood look. For a particularly elegant and luxurious ambience, it is best to opt for high quality marble bathroom tiles – they look really great! Of course, the decor should match the tiles in the natural look, so that a harmonious overall picture is created – the photos above could give you some original ideas in this regard.

Modern bathroom tiles – large variety of Matrialien, colors and patterns

For a minimalist style bathroom, tiles in neutral colors with graphic and geometric patterns are simply the best choice! The same applies to the modern 3D tiles, which are a real eye-catcher and can create interesting visual effects in the bathroom. The “vintage” tiles are really “in” too, creating a particularly romantic atmosphere in the bathroom with their delicate floral motifs. A 70s-era flair is also provided by the large mosaic murals, which can be used to set interesting accents. A modern and lively ambience in the bathroom also creates the tiles in soft pastel shades. The latest trends for 2018 include bathroom tiles in intermeshing colors, adding a warmer touch to the cool white.


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