Mirror tiles are more popular than ever, so in this post we will tell you how to use them to set original accents in the interior. Below are 20 inspiring examples from which you can draw inspiration for your own home. We hope you enjoy our ideas and hope you enjoy reading!

Mirror tiles – practical, modern and really impressive

Spiegelfliesen in der Flur
Spiegelfliesen über dem Waschbecken
Spiegelfliesen Akzente Badewanne
Spiegelfliesen im Bad tolle Optik
Spiegelfliesen dekorativ Essbereich
Spiegelfliesen Küchenrückwand
Spiegelfliesen Akzentwand eindrucksvoll
Spiegelfliesen im Wohnzimmer
Spiegelfliesen mit Edelstein Optik originell
Spiegelfliesen Badezimmer Toilette Akzentwand
The tiles with mirror surface are currently, as already mentioned, a total hit. They impress with an interesting look and can create a stylish ambience in every room – from bathroom and kitchen to bedroom and living room. In addition to modern, the mirrored tiles are also practical – if, for example, you do not have a mirror in the hall or in another living space, they represent a splendid alternative. Today, IKEA and other furniture manufacturers offer special self-adhesive tiles with a mirror surface that not only look really cool, but also free you from all kinds of annoying construction work around their installation – just stick it to the wall in the desired position, and you’re done! After you have attached the Spiegelflieen create a luxury ambience in every room
Spiegelfliesen klassisch quadratisch
Spiegelfliesen selbstklebend
Spiegelfliesen praktisch eindrucksvoll
Spiegelfliesen als Wandverkleidung modern
Spiegelfliesen stilvoll Flur
Spiegelfliesen Akzentwand gestalten
Spiegelfliesen effektvoll Flur
Spiegelfliesen Akzente Küche
Spiegelfliesen Küche Landhausstil
Spiegelfliesen Vintage Look Essbereich
With mirror tiles, you can visually enhance the bathroom, or make in the kitchen a super modern-looking back wall. Its mirror surface, which reflects the light, creates a sense of luxury and elegance – in fact, it is precisely the small details that create a certain atmosphere in the room, is not it? It is also a good idea to decorate an entire wall in the living room, bedroom or dining room with mirror tiles – this is an effective way to make the room visually larger. The tiles come in different shapes and sizes and some even impress with a beautiful gemstone look – so you have many options to choose from. We hope that our ideas have inspired you to beautify your home with the modern mirror tiles!

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