The mirror lighting in the bathroom is not just an interesting accent in the interior. Exactly in the bathroom you need enough strong light, so that the everyday face and body care is not a problem. The mirrors with integrated lighting are exceptionally modern and would give your bathroom a shiny atmosphere. Be inspired by our suggestions for successful mirror lighting!

The role of mirror lighting in the bathroom

In many bathrooms, the only light body is a central ceiling light. The problem with this is that sometimes disturbing shadows are thrown on the face, which makes everyday activities, such as make-up, eyebrow plucking or shaving, much more difficult. To avoid this, you need a successful mirror lighting in the

There are different types of mirror lighting that can be used in the bathroom. For example, we recommend the LED lighting, which is not only really modern, but is also characterized by its high energy efficiency and durability. A good alternative is also the halogen lamps, as they offer an optimal color rendering, and make the complexion look natural. When choosing mirrors with built-in lighting, it is important to be aware that the light is bright enough – in the bathroom, they do not need dim lighting, such as the case in the bedroom. And when it comes to light color, warm white is the best option.

Integrated lighting or wall lights?

When it comes to mirror lighting, you have two options – either buy a mirror that already supports the lighting, or opt for a combination of mirrors plus matching lights. And which option is better? The mirrors with integrated lighting are more compact because they take up less space, but their brightness can sometimes be insufficient. If you have decided to buy mirrors and lights separately, you need more space, but you can set beautiful accents with the mirror lights, and in most cases they are much brighter than integrated lights. For small bathrooms, a mirror cabinet with LED lighting is also a good option.

Finding the ideal position

It is especially important to find the perfect position for the mirror lighting. You can opt for all-round lighting, as it is in the artists dressing room, or place the lights horizontally on the bathroom mirror. It would also be a functional solution if the lights are located to the right and left of the mirror, as well as if they have been attached directly to its upper edge. The most important thing is to evenly illuminate the mirror surface, never just from one side. It is not recommended to shine the mirror into it because it can cause eye pain. Hanging a ceiling light over it is also not a good solution, because it makes you look older and the color rendering is not good.

Determine the appropriate height

When it comes to successful mirror lighting, the height of the light body is also important. It depends on your growth. If the lights are mounted to the right and left of the mirror, their center should be well at eye level. A light body located above the mirror should be placed about 10 centimeters above your head. In this way, the lighting would be pleasant by making your face look natural.

Important: protection against moisture

It is particularly important to check whether the selected mirror lighting for the bathroom is sufficiently protected against moisture. Ideally, the lights should be removed from the shower or tub enough. However, if this is not possible, it is important to pay attention to the type of luminaire – if it is closer than 60 centimeters and below a height of 2.5 meters from the edge of the bath or shower, you need IP44 protection. Of course, they would find in the description of each lamp detailed information about it.

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